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HLC Wellness (formerly Healing Laser Clinics) is committed to a better you through safe, relaxing treatments that help you to lose weight, quit tobacco and feel better!  Our Lake Mary weight loss center offers safe weight loss treatments including our weight loss laser, virtual lap band and inch loss body wrap treatments.

Serving Orlando and Lake Mary for over 10 years, our clinic has treated thousands of people to successfully lose weight and quit smoking.  Our new state of the art spa facility offers cutting edge therapy including the exclusive Angelic Lift Body Contouring, spa facials, laser facials and infrared body wraps for inch loss and weight loss! Did we mention that we make weight loss fun?

Whether you come in to quit smoking, lose weight or receive a pampered spa facial, you will receive top notch treatment from our friendly staff and knowledgeable staff! We are truly committed to a better you, inside and out!

Come in to experience a program like no other! HLC Wellness….Committed to a better you!

Most inexpensive massage and spa memberships in Lake Mary!

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body contouring and shaping
Body Contouring
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State of the Art Spa

HLC Wellness started as a smoking cessation laser facility but quickly expanded into a weight loss spa. Our mobile team travels to corporations for smoking cessation, weight loss and on-site spa treatments.

Our new state of the art spa facility in Lake Mary provides cutting edge spa facials and weight loss treatments for our Lake Mary and Orlando friends.

Body Contouring

Lake Mary Body Contouring

Angelic Lift is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that produces amazing results with no surgery, no down time and no injections.

The no cut tummy tucks, face lifts and butt lifts are just the beginning of the amazing options available with Angelic Lift.  This is a unique service and we are the only provider in Central Florida that is licensed to do it.

Concerned about scars, cellulite, sagging skin, saddle bags or loose skin?  Angelic Consultations are free.  Schedule one today.

Acupuncture for the entire family


Lose 900-1400 calories in one session.  Amazing inch loss and fat loss with our far infrared heating body wraps. Many of our clients use the body wrap strictly for cellulite, considering that cellulite is nothing more than hard fat.  The body wrap has the ability to heat up and loosen the hardened fat, making it easier to excrete through the lymphatic system.

Memberships are available

Massage Therapy from Swedish to Hot Stone 

World Class Massage in Lake Mary

HLC has very talented massage therapists that take pride in their craft and employ the latest techniques to ensure that your massage is world class.  We don’t have high turnover like most the membership clubs do.  We employ two therapists that are skilled in techniques from Swedish Massage to Hot Stone and even hated bamboo.

Ready for your first massage?  Call today.

Did I mention that we also have the least expensive massage membership in Lake Mary?

Coming Soon, Salt Room for better breathing and relaxation 

Serving Lake Mary and Orlando for over 10 years!

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