Stop Smoking Laser Therapy in Orlando

10 years and thousands of clients later, we are still the number one quit smoking therapy

HLC Wellness Stop Smoking Laser therapy has treated thousands of clients in the past 10 years for smoking cessation. The quit smoking laser treatments are relaxing, painless and have no negative side effects.

Have you tried patches, pills, Chantix or Welbutrin or the smokeless cigarette? All of these therapies are nicotine replacement therapies that can have negative side effects. Low Level Laser Therapy has zero reported negative side effects and helps you to feel relaxed instead of suffering through physcial withdrawal symptoms.

HLC Wellness has been recommended by doctors all over Central Florida because the therapy is effective and is a great aid to immediately quit smoking. The low level light laser is pointed at meridian points on the body to help elevate endorphins, just like nicotine does. The therapy helps to alleviate the cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting tobacco including smoking, chewing and dipping.


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HLC Wellness uses a 3 step program to aid you in quitting smoking and dipping in Central Florida.

1st step – We treat points for nicotine addiction to assist your body in reducing your addiction to nicotine

2nd step – We treat diet and self control points to control your appetite and avoid excessive weight gain and nervous eating.

3rd step – We treat stress and relaxation points to help avoid withdrawal symptoms and reduce stress and anxiety. We also provide detailed counseling about your addiction and suggest ways to eliminate the old habits that you developed and replace them with new healthier habits. You also receive our customized quit smoking book that you can refer to after your treatment.

HLC Wellness has helped many local celebrities quit smoking and dipping over the years including Taco Bob of 101.1, Drunky the bear of 104.1 Monsters In The Morning, Richard Dixon of 96.5, Bubba Whoopass Wilson of 104.1, Shannon Burke of Real Radio 104.1 and Soul Brother Kevin of SBK Live and Supa Dave of WJRR.


This laser therapy treatment is effective for all types of nicotine including cigarettes, dip, chew and pipes. You can quit in just 1 hour!


Only $249.00

Now get your 1st treatment plus 2 free follow up treatments that you can use within the next 12 months for only $249.00.
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Stop Smoking Laser Therapy available in Lake Mary and Orlando locations. Close to Longwood, Kissimmee, Altamonte Springs and Clermont, FL. You can quit smoking in just 1 hour!

We are celebrating our 10th year and thousands of clients treated with this painless, relaxing therapy to quit smoking and dipping!
Smoking Cessation Programs are tax deductible. The cost is covered under Medical Flexible Spending-FSA / HFA
(IRS form 502 from

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