Lake Mary Full Body Waxing

Lake Mary Waxing at HLC

Waxing services at HLC are very popular due to our talented staff and professional approach to waxing.  We only provide the highest quality wax available for normal and sensitive skin.  The temperature of our wax is just above body temperature so that is no risk of burning the skin.

Our waxing removes the course hairs to reveal the beautiful smooth skin that is underneath.  Hairs should generally be about 1/4 of an inch long.  Waxing at HLC Lake Mary generally lasts about 3-4 weeks if it is your first wax and 4-6 weeks if you’ve waxed before.

HLC Lake Mary offers waxing for Face, Upper Body, Lower Body, Brazilian and Bikini.  Our waxing is safe and effective because we use the most stringent standards for hygiene!  Come and enjoy the absolute best waxing in Lake Mary.

Face Waxing

Area Women Men
Cheeks $8 $12
Chin $10 $16
Ears $8 $10
Eye Brow $15 $18
Full Face(no eyebrow) $35 $45
Lip $8 $15
Nose $8 $12
Sideburn $10 $20

Bikini Area Waxing

Area Women Men
Bikini $25 & up N/A
Brazilian (buttock strip incl) $80 N/A
Buttock Strip $15 N/A
Buttock $28 N/A
Inner Thigh $15 N/A

Upper Body Waxing

Area Women Men
Back Wax (Shoulders Incl) $50 $60
Chest Strip $15 $20
Full Arms $40 $50
Full Neck $25 $35
Hand $8 $12
Upper Arms $25 $25
Lower Arms (hand incl) $27 $35
Lower Back $25 $32
Stomach $25 $35
Stomach Strip $10 $18
Under Arms $15 $25
Upper Back $30 $38

Lower Body Waxing

Area Women Men
Full Legs (toes incl) $60 & up $75
Lower Legs (Knees and Toes incl) $30 $40
Feet $10 $12
Upper Legs (Knees incl) $33 $43
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