Easy Weight Loss in Orlando and Lake Mary!

Are you ready to lose that stubborn weight and look amazing?

HLC offers weight loss plans tailored to your needs. Weight loss plans should not be a “one size fits all” plan. Every client has different goals ranging from eliminating belly fat and cellulite to losing 20 or more pounds. HLC Wellness is dedicated to helping you to lose weight naturally and safely. Our weight loss program makes losing weight easy while eating throughout the day and NOT BEING HUNGRY.

The HLC Weight Loss Program consists of 2 Phases

Phase One- Weight Loss

The Weight Loss Phase is designed to help you lose weight under our personal care, utilizing structured meal plans that incorporate grocery foods with our delicious protein supplements. This structured format provides healthy nutrition and allow for safe weight loss. This phase includes meetings with your “accountability coach” to help promote compliance to the diet, improve nutrition knowledge modify behavior and introduce exercise. Our easy to use weight loss program will help to ensure that you are tracking your food intake, water and exercise as you continue to lose weight on the program.


Phase Two – Maintenance

During the maintenance phase, you will gradually return to a diet of all grocery items while the protein supplements are slowly phased out. Some people choose to utilize one or two protein supplements daily as a maintenance tool. You will continue to learn strategies to prevent weight regain and discover the self confidence which occurs from being in control of eating habits. You will also use the HLC Weight Loss app to ensure that you are eating the right foods and maintaining the right nutrition.

The Program

Our easy weight loss program starts with a simple 5 and 1 food program that allows you to take 5 of our delicious supplements with one food item per day during your weight loss phase. Our protein supplements are designed to offer you maximum nutrition that keeps you full and keeps your metabolism up throughout the day. The program makes it easy for people with a busy lifestyle that want to lose weight in a healthy and easy way. Our supplements consist of shakes, protein bars, puddings and delicious meals. During your weekly weigh in, you can shop for new foods and enjoy a variety of delicious items.

The App

During your program, you can use our easy app available for Iphone and Adroid devices. The app reminds you to drink your water and eat your food during the day. It also records exercise and food intake as well as integration with Fit Bit devices. The food app is designed to track nutrition and help you to select the right nutritious foods during the maintenance phase of the program.



Weight Loss and body sculpting tailored to each individuals needs




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As a weight loss booster, check out the Formostar Infrared Body Wrap. You can lose inches in just 1 single session. Burn 900-1400 calories in a session and target fat as well as cellulite. This therapy tones and firms the skin and provides a workout that is sure to make you sweat! Our laser therapy helps with your appetite while our new Lipo LIght therapy can assist with body contouring and inch loss!Want an extra boost during your plan?


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