What Can I Expect To Feel After An Acupuncture Treatment?

Patients typically experience total or partial relief of their symptoms after their Acupuncture treatment. Pain management to relieve severe pain or pain relief that is permanent depends if treating acute or chronic or pain and how many treatments needed. A patient should not feel wiped out, exhausted, light headed or tired after treatment but feel revitalized and relaxed, able and return back to normal daily duties or return back to work.

During a consultation and assessment Dr. Veronika Tynes will give you a treatment plan which involves the number of treatments, type of treatments and results expected before treatment starts.


How Many Acupuncture Treatments Do I Need?acupuncture chronic pain

The number of Acupuncture treatments needed depends on the frequency of treatments, patient’s condition, the duration of the condition, age, current health, life style and the practitioner’s knowledge and skill of acupuncture and medicine.

Acupuncture is ALWAYS more effective if the treatments are performed closer together (1-3 days) then further apart, for example 4 treatments received in a 2 week period will create significantly more physiological change or improvement on a condition than can be achieved with 4 treatments in 4 weeks. Actually it may take 8-10 treatments done once a week to achieve the same result in just 4 treatments in 2 weeks.

With certain conditions frequency of treatment may be the only difference if acupuncture gives temporary relief or resolves the condition; of course the patient has to organize more treatment in less time but will it cost you significantly less money, with more results.

If the condition is non-reversible but once stabilized the treatments can be separated by weeks, months or maintained by lifestyle.

Keep in mind the general rule is: chronic issues take longer time to heal and treat than acute issues.

The number of treatments and therapies used will be outlined according to your individual needs during an office visit or consultation. Acupuncture may not be the best or only treatment indicated for your condition you may be given non-needle acupuncture options, nutrition or dietary education, herbal medicine, vitamin or mineral recommendations or referred to another medical professional.

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