What Is Used In An Acupuncture Treatment?

The needles used in an acupuncture treatment are sterile, disposable, high quality needles for acupuncture and injections.

carpal tunnel painStimulation to the acupuncture points may be done with acupuncture needles, intradermal needles, ear seeds, ear pellets, suction cups, heat, diathermy, sound waves, ultrasound, laser, magnets, micro current, tens units, dry needling, homeopathic injections, Prolotherapy, biotherapy and acupuncture point injection. Because not all types of stimuli have the same effect on all acupuncture or trigger points, the best treatment or best therapy will be used for different and multiple health ailments.

Dr. Veronica Tynes prescribes only limited and specific, safe, pharmaceutical grade “Chinese herbal medicines” from the US and Japan that are regulated for strict quality control and potency. He does not sell vitamins, minerals and other supplements but may recommend for you specific nutrients for you to obtain from reputable suppliers. He does not receive any commission from any product recommended or endorse any multi-level marketing (MLM) companies or schemes.

Practical and easy health and lifestyle recommendations of nutrition and dietary therapy may be included along with nutritional testing, allergy testing, blood testing, Ph testing, blood sugar testing or hormone testing depending on the patient’s needs.

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