Your First Acupuncture Office Visit

primary care treatment

After filling out some brief initial forms you will meet with Dr. Veronika Tynes to explain what the health goals  you wish to achieve. Your past and current medical history will be taken in to account along with any recent blood tests or imaging results followed by a physical examination.

The physical examination includes evaluation/assessment of muscle and skeletal system, skin, abdomen, tongue, pulse and eyes giving more clues to the understanding of what is the underlying reasons or contributing factors that are effecting your health.

If necessary, a referral or further testing (10 panel urinalysis test may be performed in the clinic) will be done if deemed needed for safely or to effectively diagnose condition. If no referrals or further testing is needed Dr. Veronika Tynes will explain clearly about what type, frequency and number of treatments he can offer or recommend that can help you achieve your goals to improve your health or manage your symptoms.

How to prepare for 1st visit?

If you have insurance please make sure that you have contacted the clinic and eligibility has been confirmed prior to 1st visit.

Bring your most recent blood work and any imaging reports you may have.

A list of your current medications, vitamin and supplements and length of time taken

Loose fitting clothes: Short pants or bottoms with a loose waist that pant legs can be pulled above the knee without tightness. Yoga pants and jeans are not recommended. A gown will be supplied if needed.

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