Introducing a new weight loss method for Orlando and Lake Mary

HLC just acquired the new lipo light technology for weight loss and inch loss!

The new Lipo Light therapy is an extraordinary new slimming therapy designed to eliminate fat and inches. You will see IMMEDIATE inch loss and fat loss through this cutting edge therapy.
The heat and light emitted from the pads of the Lipo-Light stimulates the release of energy causing a physiological change in the body.
The combination of the light, heat and exercise promotes the difficult process of burning energy which results in visible and immediately noticeable toning and slimming in the targeted areas that you specify.  The beauty of this therapy is that you can target which areas you want to work with including stomach, arms, legs, buttocks, face and neck!

Fast and Effective Results

Lipo-Light delivers very effective results with just a single treatment. However, sustained results occur when continued Lipo Light therapy is used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime or infrared wrap program.

Melissa and Joanne are already enjoying the results of this amazing new technology and they love the fact that you can target which areas you would like to treat!  If you want to try the lipo light before Christmas, we have immediate discounted gift cards available.  Lipo Light makes a great gift for the holidays!


Weight Loss Hypnosis Orlando

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Due to the rising cases of obesity, researchers are looking for the best weight loss solutions possible.  One of the most interesting methods for weight loss in Orlando is hypnosis.  Hypnosis for weight loss targets a quick solution to the problem, but hypnosis is often misused by some crooked entities hoping taking advantage of people looking for an easy answer for weight loss.

There are all types of information available by searching the internet on weight loss hypnosis in Orlando.  You can find information on video tapes, audio tapes, books and in seminars.  Most of them claim that they can change a person’s state of mind in an instant, and they can produce weight loss results in a very short amount of time.  People must be very cautious and mindful of these types of claims.  Most of them are fraudulent and not true.

Even with all the bad media around hypnosis for weight loss, it has been discovered through various studies that when hypnosis is performed along with behavioral management programs, it can definitely have a good effect on the ability to lose weight.  The behavioral programs that are normally used along with hypnosis are designed to alter the eating habits of a person.  It was also noted that people who used the weight loss hypnosis and behavioral management at the same time happened to lose more weight than the ones who got involved with group therapy. This method for weight loss has been the most effective for people who want to lose smaller amounts of weight.  It also showed that it is an effective way to control and maintain one’s weight.

The way in which weight loss hypnosis works is by making the person much more aware of the suggestions that they are given that help with weight loss. It is done through the process of hypnosis, which leads the person into a state of relaxation and opens them up to suggestibility.  Hypnosis is effective in helping people create a healthy pattern for eating food in the long-term as well as helping people learn positive eating habits.  Doing this through the process of hypnosis is a great supplement that goes hand-in-hand with a weight management program.

Using hypnosis for weight loss requires an extended amount of time and effort by the candidate.  People who try to tell you hypnosis is done without time or effort are just trying to sell you something that just won’t work. Weight loss hypnosis in Orlando is available for those seeking answers for obesity.

Benefits of Weight Loss in Lake Mary

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Weight loss, even in a moderate amount, can have many health benefits. In fact, studies have proven that weight loss may have up to ten years worth of health benefits, according to a report by U.S. News & World Report. The study included 3,000 people who underwent various weight management programs. The result of the participants’ weight loss, showed significant health benefits. These benefits included, but were not limited to: reduction in diabetes risk, increased energy and reduction in blood pressure.

Since the health benefits of undergoing weight loss are substantial, it’s no wonder so many people try different diet programs. From the South Beach diet, to the Infrared Body Wrap, to the planned menu diet, to the Virtual Lap Band, losing weight comes in a variety of approaches.

Methods of Weight Loss

Studies show that nearly regardless of the diet program people choose, if followed as directed, undergo moderate to substantial weight loss. However, a common thread in most diets is not only watching what you eat, but exercise. And for residents living here in Lake Mary, there are many opportunities for exercise and weight loss. Because central Florida basks in sunshine most of the year, outdoor activities abound in Lake Mary.  If you choose not to exercise and want to lose weight, then perhaps our Formostar Infrared Body Wrap is for you.

Jogging, bicycling, kayaking, hiking, tennis, walking and swimming are just some of the many exercise options available in Lake Mary. Combined with a smart diet, infrared body wrap and weight loss laser, weight loss can be an easy undertaking.

The Health Benefits of Weight Loss

There are six significant health benefits scientifically demonstrated with weight loss, according to the Mayo Clinic. From better sleep to better sex, when you lose weight, you get the following health benefits:

  1. Weight loss means a better night’s sleep. By exercising, you not only incur weight loss, but also have the added health benefit of sleeping more soundly through the night.
  2. Better sex. Weight loss not only gives you more energy, it increases self esteem and physical appearance.
  3. Having more fun. Another health benefit associated with weight loss, is reduced stress and that leads to increased enjoyment of participating in more activities.
  4. Better moods. Undergoing weight loss might seem like it will make you more “moody”, but actually a bit of exercise helps to improve your mood.
  5. Increased energy levels. With weight loss, there are ancillary health benefits, and a good diet with regular exercise means more energy to easily get through the day.
  6. Health benefits. People who lose weight are less likely to suffer from diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, some types of cancer, osteoarthritis, gallbladder disease and many other health benefits.
To learn how much weight loss you should strive for, use this chart provided by the U.S. National Institute of Health. with a little bit of exercise and controlled diet, weight loss is simple.

Call HLC Wellness at 407-833-3800 to speak to one of our representatives about our many options for weight loss in Lake Mary.

Hannah Curlee of The Biggest Loser

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The team at HLC had the opportunity to meet with Hannah Curlee of “The Biggest Loser” TV show.  Hannah stopped in to try our Infrared Body Wrap and loved it!

HLC attends Education Expo at Seminole Town Center

lake mary acupuncture

HLC had the opportunity to attend the Education Expo hosted by WKMG.  Attendees received free ear seeds designed to aid in stress relief.  Our acupuncturist, Lara Aitken applied the seeds to everybody’s ear.  Recognize any famous people getting the ear treatments?  2 news anchors from Channel 6 received the ear seeds.  Lisa Bell and Gaard Swanson!

HLC Wellness Ribbon Cutting Party

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HLC Wellness kicked off the new name with a ribbon cutting party.  In attendance were the Sanford Chamber of Commerce, Lake Mary Life Magazine, Parallax Advertising, our friends from PNC Bank and lots of friends and neighbors!

HLC Wellness Featured on Channel 6 Problem Solvers

HealingLaser Problem Solvers

The Channel 6 Problems solvers wanted to test the HLC Wellness stop smoking laser in Orlando.  Steven Cooper and the Problem Solvers team came into the clinic and asked us to treat their cameraman, Scott Nolan.  Scott was ready to quit smoking after 20 years and was treated with the quit smoking laser on the spot.  The crew followed him for 4 months after he quit to see how he did.  Watch the video to find out if Scott was able to quit smoking or not!