The benefits of whole body vibration for weight loss and muscle gain

whole body vibration

The benefits of whole body vibration for weight loss and muscle gainwhoel body vibration weight loss

Are you interested in weight loss but you simply don’t have the time?  Is an hour a day too much to spend in the gym?  As busy as Americans tend to be nowadays, it’s very difficult to find time for the gym when balancing work/home/study and life in general.  But we have to keep fit, right?  After all, exercise keeps our bodies more physically fit AND keeps out minds sharper.  So how can we find the time to work out?

What if I told you that 10 minutes on a whole body vibration machine can benefit your body as much as a one hour workout in a gym?  Whole body vibration has been around in various forms for a long time but it is only now that studies are concluding that this easy workout program can truly benefit your body and your weight loss goals.

2003 study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise showed significantly increased strength of knee-extensors in 67 untrained female volunteers.

The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine published a study in 2007 from the Department of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Athens showing significant improvements in sprint speed and strength in only six weeks of training.

Similar studies have shown increased bone density, postural control, and improved mobility and balance in older users.

New whole body vibration units designed for weight loss allow you to change the vibration and speed of the unit while giving you a large enough plate to stand on that will allow you to perform various work outs and poses while standing on the unit, performing push ups on the unit or combining your exercise with bands and strength training balls with the whole body vibration machine.

The whole body vibration machine’s vibration causes muscles to involuntarily contract 30 to 40 times per second.  This vibration stimulates circulation, stretches tendons strengthens bones, resulting in faster recovery after workouts.

Healing Laser Clinics has partnered with a personal trainer to create videos specifically for their whole body vibration unit to help you get the most from your workout.

A 2009 study has concluded that a combination of whole body vibration training and resistance training is very effective for decreasing the percentage of body fat in post menopausal women. Data also shows that whole body vibration training may have the potential to reduce visceral adipose tissue (the fat around the organs) more than aerobic exercise in obese adults, possibly making it a meaningful addition to future weight loss programs.

The beauty of whole body vibration is that you CAN burn the same calories and work the same muscles in a 10 minute period of time as you normally would in the one hour gym workout.  Plus you receive the benefits of increased bone density along with a decrease in body fat.

To try the whole body vibration unit for weight loss and see the benefits for yourself, call Healing Laser Clinics today!

Hypnosis and Weight Loss – Gearing Up to Promote a Healthier Lifestyle

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Hypnosis and Weight Loss – Gearing Up to Promote a Healthier Lifestyle


Hypnosis and weight loss has been going together for quite a long time now. People have been looking for different ways to lose weight not knowing that they can do this by manipulating their own mind through hypnosis. We should always bear in mind that it is not the food that keeps us fat, it is the attitude that we have towards food. We lose control once we see delicious foods, especially that mouth watering chocolate cake that you start to crave for it just by merely thinking of it. We cannot avoid food as it is our key for survival but we can always modify our thoughts and learn how to deal with the food we see.

The thing is we always drool over food that contains a lot of calories and ignore the ones that offer loads of vitamins and minerals that we need for survival. Food should always be meant for survival, it is a need but often times it has been a source of health risk leading to certain diseases. The pleasure that the high caloric food is offering is way too tempting than the healthy food choices. It is because some of the healthy foods do not taste that good.  Hypnosis and weight loss can always go together and help you to get through this dilemma.

There are a number of hypnosis and weight loss materials that can help you out but it will be best if you consult first a hypnotherapist as they track down everything that you do and the changes that are happening with you. And one thing you should bear in mind is that some terms in that hypnosis and weight loss guides might be too technical for you so you should always consult first the experts.

When you decide to choose hypnosis as a means to lose weight, you must go to a trained hypnotist as through this way you are guaranteed that you will achieve the figure you desire. The hypnotist will manipulate your inner thoughts, your subconscious mind and talk you out from eating unhealthy foods. This will require your full cooperation with the therapist and you should be open-minded so it will work out. You should always be honest with your chosen therapist when you are asked with certain questions as this will help you out.  At the same time you should be comfortable with your therapist as you will be working out your way to cutting of the extra pounds with them.

Listen very well to your therapist and always pay attention. Bear in mind that it will always be a process that will not happen in just a blink of an eye. You will also work for it with the help of your therapist as they adjust your thoughts and make you prefer healthy food options. Hypnosis will more likely give you a long term result since it conditions the mind to pick what will be best for your body and at the same time make you feel satisfied by doing so.

You must always remember that losing weight has a lot of beneficial effect on your body however; losing too much weight can be detrimental for your health. This is one of the things that the therapist is monitoring to ensure that you are losing weight in a healthy way. It’s as if they reprogram your system and incorporate certain applications that make you choose healthier food options and do exercise willingly. Hypnosis and weight loss has paved the way to a healthier lifestyle and help you to achieve success making you feel very satisfied and confident with yourself.

How Hypnosis can Remove Phobias such as Public Speaking

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How Hypnosis can Remove Phobias such as Public Speakingorlando hypnosis smoking

Each of us has our own fears on something that is given. However, there are people who develop worse cases as their fears turn to phobias which may already hinder a person’s normal life especially in participating in his activities of daily living and even his social life. Most of the time phobias are rooted from traumatic or bad experiences in life where in the person was unable to compensate properly. Thus, phobia is generally psychological and special interventions are necessary to eliminate or if not reduce phobia. On the other hand, researchers also consider genetic and some chemicals in the brain as a factor in having phobias. In the medical field, phobia is defined as a type of anxiety disorder characterized by having irrational and persistent fear over something. Two major treatment for phobias are cognitive-behavioural and hypnosis which are usually done together to produce better results. For now, let us focus on how hypnosis can remove phobias such as public speaking.

Hypnosis, also called hypnotherapy is commonly used as one of the treatments for phobia and has been proven to be really effective. But before we proceed learning on how hypnosis can remove phobias such as public speaking, it would be better if we take a closer look on phobia first. When a person has phobia, he usually experiences severe anxiety, feelings of powerlessness, excessive sweating, avoidance on the object he fears and increased heart rate. Experts say that our fears are deeply concealed inside us and are brought about by unwanted and negative experiences. Furthermore, they say that a percentage of ninety percent among adults have their own fears that hinder their way of living at some point. There are people who know how or why their fear on something occurred while other people do not have a clue. But gladly, with the aid of hypnosis both groups of who remembers and who do not may eliminate their fears. Within a hypnosis session, the person will be able to enter his memories that have long been repressed inside him. As for the main goal of a hypnotherapist, he can assist in creating positive memories and remove the negative ones associated with his particular phobia and this is how hypnosis can remove phobias such as public speaking.

Moving forward, fear of public speaking may be common in almost anywhere in the world especially in one’s workplace. Public speaking may be defined differently for everyone. There are those who consider talking to a small group of three or four as part of public speaking. It could also be a corporate presentation, giving speech, addressing to a room full of people or an interview. The main thing is that it involves communication towards other people and truthfully this is difficult. When we have fear on talking to people and we cannot focus nor express ourselves, then might as well seek help from a professional before it comes to worst.

How hypnosis can remove phobias such as public speaking? Basically, hypnosis eliminates the fear of the person upon undergoing series of hypnotherapy. So, the process of hypnosis targets the stress and anxiety that the person experiences caused by fear in public speaking. It’s like hypnotherapy reprograms the person’s subconscious mind removing all that is negatively associated with the fear in public speaking and in return supplying the mind with positive thoughts about public speaking also. Therefore, through hypnosis unwanted thoughts and emotions are replaced with affirmative ones even if it is a remembered memory or repressed memory.

Moreover, how hypnosis can remove phobias such as public speaking is proven and undoubted. Another good thing about using hypnotherapy is that it does not produce side effects and takes away the symptoms of phobia fast. After a series of hypnosis for fear in public speaking, one may feel changes and that the fear is reduced. As a result, better performance and communication are established among others.

5 ways to lose weight fast

Lose weight fast

If you want to stave off pounds within a few weeks, you can either go straight to the nearest Lake Mary weight loss center or get a taste of the latest diet fads.Lose weight fast

Now, if you choose the latter, chances are you might just end up frustrated. Just because a diet works for a Hollywood celebrity doesn’t mean you’ll get the same results. Besides, we all know how most of crash diets work. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

But what if your party will take place three weeks from now? Or you’re looking forward to your high school reunion yet too discouraged because of your weight gain?

Truth be told, there’s no magic bullet to help you slim down instantly. But the good news is that there are few safe ways you can try to lose weight fast. And even better news is that if you develop some of these habits in the long term, you can finally say goodbye to all your diet woes.

Here are just some of the surprising—and safest—ways to lose weight fast:


Keep yourself busy

Seriously, how many times have you found yourself munching a pack of Cheetos just because you’re bored? Part of America’s obesity problems must be blamed on laziness and the failure of some people to know the difference between “healthy” and “careless” eating. It’s so easy to slack off and eat anything you want if you’re doing nothing. So instead of daydreaming, spend your time productively through hobbies, sports, and personal projects that matter. Without you knowing it, junk foods will be the last thing that pop on your mind.


Avoid skipping meals

How you eat your breakfast can make or break your productivity for the entire day. If you skip it, its more likely that you’ll crave for more food the rest of the day. The problem is, people who skip breakfast and turn out more hungry tend to pick unhealthy choices. So don’t just prepare healthy foods; learn to enjoy every meals and don’t let your busy schedule get in the way of your healthy eating.


Drink plenty of water

We’ve all heard it before: drink plenty of water and you’ll stay cleansed, healthy, and energized. But is it just another overhyped health myth? Recent research says otherwise.

According to a scientific study featured in Discovery News, obese dieters who drank at least two cups of water before each meal lost an average of 5 pounds more than those who didn’t increase their water intake. This is because drinking plenty of water may suppress appetite and increase the body’s metabolic rate.


Switch to healthier alternatives

Losing weight fast doesn’t mean you should be desperate to burn more fats than necessary. Oftentimes, changing one’s perspective about diet and weight loss can bring the greatest impact. For example, instead of storing gallons of ice cream in your fridge, why not opt to buy healthier snacks like roasted sunflower seeds instead. You can also get rid of oily foods from fast-food restaurants and start spending more time eating home-cooked meals. By doing so, you won’t just lose weight faster but save more money as well.


Try hypnosis

For some people, losing weight fast also means taking major risks and going under the knife. Weight loss surgeries are rife nowadays and consumers are led to believe that these painful procedures are the only way out. But there are better ways to lose as much as 1-5 pounds per week without the risk of medical complications. Hypnosis for weight loss, also known as Virtual Lap Band, is one of them. This is a non-surgical approach of suppressing one’s appetite so you can get all the benefits of traditional surgery, minus all the risks and complications.


If you want to know more about Virtual Lap Band and other safe, non-surgical ways to lose weight, contact our Lake Mary weight loss center today. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you in making better, healthier choices.

Inch Loss vs Weight Loss

Weight Loss Lose Inches

Inch Loss vs. Weight Loss: The Shocking Truth You Need to Know


It’s probably one of the first things you do every morning. Stepping in to the weighing scale, you can’t help but get excited to know how your weight loss regimen has progressed. And then the figures start to roll in. With a matter of seconds, your self-esteem suddenly goes down the drain.

Does this scene sound too familiar?Weight Loss Lose Inches

If you always find yourself obsessed with what your “honest” weight loss scale tells you, then you’re missing on some important rule. Ask any nutritional expert and they’ll all agree on one important truth: weight loss is not the ultimate health indicator.

If this is the case, then how come most people are frantically looking for the next diet pill that promises the greatest weight loss? Simple: They have a shallow idea of what “weight loss” is really all about.


Dispelling the myth about weight loss

Getting low numbers on your scale doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in your best shape and form. For one, scales don’t just measure fat but also the weight of your muscles, bones, and internal organs. In other words, the term “weight loss” can signify a decrease on your muscle mass, body fats, or water percentage.

Focusing strictly on weight loss can also lead to a false idea that you’re not getting any progress. Although shedding off some pounds is recommended during the initial stages of a fitness program, letting the scale control you can be detrimental in the long run. Not only will it crush your self-esteem but also give you misleading information about your health.

Remember, bodybuilders have less fats but they’re also heavier than people with typical body types. Does this mean they’re not healthy? Of course not.  In the end, your weighing scale is not a foolproof way to determine whether you’re losing fat or not. Many people begin a weight loss program by losing fat and building muscle.  The scale may reflect that you haven’t lost any weight but the reality is that you lost fat and gained more muscle mass.


Why “inches” matter more than “pounds”

For you to succeed in any weight loss program, what you need is a big dose of motivation. But for so many dieters, checking how many pounds they have lost first thing in the morning brings more harm than good. If the numbers aren’t moving, it’s easier for their mood and motivation to get ruined.

And this when “inch loss” reveals its value.

Unlike the scale, it tells us if all our efforts are actually bearing fruit or not. Exercise can help you lose those love handles but if you’ve been doing strength training, chances are you’re also gaining more muscles. In terms of metabolism, increase in muscle mass can dramatically increase your BMR. This means your body will be more efficient in burning fats and keeping your body toned.

Yet your scale gives a different impression.

The more muscles you gain, the higher the pounds you’ll see on the scale. Then the painful cycle will suddenly repeat itself. Simply put, depending too much on “weight loss” can potentially distract you from achieving your fitness goals.


Achieving inch loss with Lipo Light

To see is to believe and when it comes to getting fit, an apparent change in your figure means you’re on the right track. Now that you know how “inch loss” differs from “weight loss”, you might begin thinking about the fastest ways to get in shape. Liposuction, for example, can slim you down after going under the knife but do you think you deserve all the pain and expense that comes from it?

Needless to say, a safe, non-surgical procedure is a better option for anyone who desires to slim down. Lipo Light or laser lipo is an innovative procedure that helps you see noticeable changes in your body without using surgical means. With the use of 16 pads filled with heat and light emitting diodes, Lipo Light stimulates your body and brings immediate sculpting for your thighs, saddlebags, neck, back, arms, and anywhere that has excess fats.

Safe and painless, Lipo Light body sculpting promises long-term benefits especially if done with the right diet and exercise. On average, a Lipo Light program—which normally takes 8 sessions to complete—can help you lose as much as 4 inches without any side-effects such as bruising, downtime, or scarring.

Interested in achieving inch loss with Lipo Light? Feel free to read this FAQ page or contact us today to set up an appointment.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss: 3 Amazing Facts You Should Know

Hypnosis for Weight Loss: 3 Amazing Facts You Should Know


Anyone in Orlando or Lake Mary who has tried shedding pounds can vouch for the fact that weight loss is not as easy as it looks. Just watch “The Biggest Loser” and you’ll see what that means.weight_loss_lake_mary_hypnosis

But seriously, a potent dose of self-discipline is simply not enough for long-term weight loss. Blame it on false advertising, most dieters jump from one overhyped fitness product after another. And the fact that most diet fads (or even traditional ones) eliminate the fun part of eating only adds hurt to the injury.

Then there comes the weight loss surgery. It might work in one way or another but just imagine the physical demands of going under the knife and you’ll just think twice before even considering it.

Now, if you’re too scared to deal with a surgeon or too much of a foodie to even try the next South Beach diet, consider what other weight loss patients have been craving about: hypnosis for weight loss.

A non-surgical way to stave off excess fats, weight loss hypnosis puts you in a sort of a trance. By doing this, the hypnotherapist will be able to introduce ideas to your subconscious mind that will help you feel full  faster and lose weight without letting yourself go hungry.

And here come the best part.

A new innovation called Virtual Lap Band Hypnosis offers you the benefits of a gastric band surgery without undergoing a surgery yourself. The process is plain and simple: You undergo four intense phases of hypnosis where you’ll be able to change some limiting beliefs and mimic the actual surgical procedure. You’ll step outside of the surgical room stitch-free but with better control and a renewed enthusiasm to lose weight.

Sounds better? Here are another 3 facts about this innovative hypnosis for weight loss you ought to know:


It won’t starve you to death

Saying “don’t eat this and that” is the best way to discourage a dieter. Sadly, this is the same idea we get from most weight loss diets; they restrict some food groups and let you focus on a set of unpalatable recipes. What a way to kill one’s enthusiasm from the get go.

Hypnosis for weight loss, on the other hand, encourages the foodie in you. In fact, you can literally savor any food you like without you worrying whether you’ll gain weight or not. This is because the “mental surgery” will give your subconscious mind the idea that you have a gastric band in your stomach (even if there’s none). As a result, you get the luxury of eating foods you desire in moderation, savoring their taste, and feeling satisfied quicker as before.


You lose weight without going under the knife

Achieving weight loss by surgically putting a band in your stomach is downright scary, to say the least. The smell of blood and the frightening sight of surgical tools can make anyone cringe.

Surprisingly, Virtual Lap Band Hypnosis will put you in the same procedure but with one odd twist: everything is all in the mind!

As a non-surgical way of helping you lose weight, you will enter the surgical room—dressed up and all—to begin an intense session of “mental surgery”. The hypnotherapist will try to simulate the common sounds and smell of an actual operating room. As a result, you get the idea that the procedure is a real deal even if it’s not.


Virtual surgery = No harmful effects

Because it’s a type hypnotherapy, this procedure assures safety both for your mental and physical health. In other words, you’ll never fear waking up in a middle of the operation with anesthesia running out. Hypnosis for weight loss will give the feeling that you have a band fitted in your stomach while eliminating all the nightmares involved in the actual operation.

Truth be told, Virtual Lap Band Hypnosis is not the be-all, end-all of weight loss program. But couple it with a healthy, balanced diet or an effective exercise regimen and you’ll reap all its benefits one by one.

Hypnosis for weight loss is great, pain-free alternative for weight loss but just like in any other endeavors, you should be ready to put all the effort to bring out a healthier, fitter you.

Interested in virtual lap band hypnosis? HLC Wellness has been serving people from Orlando and Lake Mary with effective alternatives to lose more weight. Contact us today to see how we can help you.


Introducing a new weight loss method for Orlando and Lake Mary

HLC just acquired the new lipo light technology for weight loss and inch loss!

The new Lipo Light therapy is an extraordinary new slimming therapy designed to eliminate fat and inches. You will see IMMEDIATE inch loss and fat loss through this cutting edge therapy.
The heat and light emitted from the pads of the Lipo-Light stimulates the release of energy causing a physiological change in the body.
The combination of the light, heat and exercise promotes the difficult process of burning energy which results in visible and immediately noticeable toning and slimming in the targeted areas that you specify.  The beauty of this therapy is that you can target which areas you want to work with including stomach, arms, legs, buttocks, face and neck!

Fast and Effective Results

Lipo-Light delivers very effective results with just a single treatment. However, sustained results occur when continued Lipo Light therapy is used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime or infrared wrap program.

Melissa and Joanne are already enjoying the results of this amazing new technology and they love the fact that you can target which areas you would like to treat!  If you want to try the lipo light before Christmas, we have immediate discounted gift cards available.  Lipo Light makes a great gift for the holidays!


Weight Loss Hypnosis Orlando

virtual lap band orlando

Due to the rising cases of obesity, researchers are looking for the best weight loss solutions possible.  One of the most interesting methods for weight loss in Orlando is hypnosis.  Hypnosis for weight loss targets a quick solution to the problem, but hypnosis is often misused by some crooked entities hoping taking advantage of people looking for an easy answer for weight loss.

There are all types of information available by searching the internet on weight loss hypnosis in Orlando.  You can find information on video tapes, audio tapes, books and in seminars.  Most of them claim that they can change a person’s state of mind in an instant, and they can produce weight loss results in a very short amount of time.  People must be very cautious and mindful of these types of claims.  Most of them are fraudulent and not true.

Even with all the bad media around hypnosis for weight loss, it has been discovered through various studies that when hypnosis is performed along with behavioral management programs, it can definitely have a good effect on the ability to lose weight.  The behavioral programs that are normally used along with hypnosis are designed to alter the eating habits of a person.  It was also noted that people who used the weight loss hypnosis and behavioral management at the same time happened to lose more weight than the ones who got involved with group therapy. This method for weight loss has been the most effective for people who want to lose smaller amounts of weight.  It also showed that it is an effective way to control and maintain one’s weight.

The way in which weight loss hypnosis works is by making the person much more aware of the suggestions that they are given that help with weight loss. It is done through the process of hypnosis, which leads the person into a state of relaxation and opens them up to suggestibility.  Hypnosis is effective in helping people create a healthy pattern for eating food in the long-term as well as helping people learn positive eating habits.  Doing this through the process of hypnosis is a great supplement that goes hand-in-hand with a weight management program.

Using hypnosis for weight loss requires an extended amount of time and effort by the candidate.  People who try to tell you hypnosis is done without time or effort are just trying to sell you something that just won’t work. Weight loss hypnosis in Orlando is available for those seeking answers for obesity.

Benefits of Weight Loss in Lake Mary

weight loss in lake mary

Weight loss, even in a moderate amount, can have many health benefits. In fact, studies have proven that weight loss may have up to ten years worth of health benefits, according to a report by U.S. News & World Report. The study included 3,000 people who underwent various weight management programs. The result of the participants’ weight loss, showed significant health benefits. These benefits included, but were not limited to: reduction in diabetes risk, increased energy and reduction in blood pressure.

Since the health benefits of undergoing weight loss are substantial, it’s no wonder so many people try different diet programs. From the South Beach diet, to the Infrared Body Wrap, to the planned menu diet, to the Virtual Lap Band, losing weight comes in a variety of approaches.

Methods of Weight Loss

Studies show that nearly regardless of the diet program people choose, if followed as directed, undergo moderate to substantial weight loss. However, a common thread in most diets is not only watching what you eat, but exercise. And for residents living here in Lake Mary, there are many opportunities for exercise and weight loss. Because central Florida basks in sunshine most of the year, outdoor activities abound in Lake Mary.  If you choose not to exercise and want to lose weight, then perhaps our Formostar Infrared Body Wrap is for you.

Jogging, bicycling, kayaking, hiking, tennis, walking and swimming are just some of the many exercise options available in Lake Mary. Combined with a smart diet, infrared body wrap and weight loss laser, weight loss can be an easy undertaking.

The Health Benefits of Weight Loss

There are six significant health benefits scientifically demonstrated with weight loss, according to the Mayo Clinic. From better sleep to better sex, when you lose weight, you get the following health benefits:

  1. Weight loss means a better night’s sleep. By exercising, you not only incur weight loss, but also have the added health benefit of sleeping more soundly through the night.
  2. Better sex. Weight loss not only gives you more energy, it increases self esteem and physical appearance.
  3. Having more fun. Another health benefit associated with weight loss, is reduced stress and that leads to increased enjoyment of participating in more activities.
  4. Better moods. Undergoing weight loss might seem like it will make you more “moody”, but actually a bit of exercise helps to improve your mood.
  5. Increased energy levels. With weight loss, there are ancillary health benefits, and a good diet with regular exercise means more energy to easily get through the day.
  6. Health benefits. People who lose weight are less likely to suffer from diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, some types of cancer, osteoarthritis, gallbladder disease and many other health benefits.
To learn how much weight loss you should strive for, use this chart provided by the U.S. National Institute of Health. with a little bit of exercise and controlled diet, weight loss is simple.

Call HLC Wellness at 407-833-3800 to speak to one of our representatives about our many options for weight loss in Lake Mary.