Why Your Supplements May Not Be Working

How can your metabolism still be slow when taking supplements that improve it?

vitamins-1-1Absorption and Bioavailability

Taking supplements or drugs orally must go through the digestive system and liver before it can be used by the body; this is called the “First pass system”. The amount of absorption of any substance through the digestive system requires healthy intestinal walls, sufficient digestive enzymes and good intestinal flora (bacteria). Any weakness in these functions and absorption will be decreased. Often only a small percentage of oral supplementation is actually absorbed from the stomach and intestines into the liver, where it must undergo further metabolism before entering the blood stream to be transported to the cells of the body. Alcohol, smoking, medications, chemicals and stress all can affect the liver function impairing the metabolism or bio-availability of nutrients and drugs.

Quality of Oral supplements

There is very little regulation of supplement industry and recently the Attorney General investigated supplements from some of the largest and well known suppliers of supplements in the US and found that 4 out of 5 products tested did not contain the dosage or products on the label.

Is there another way?

Intramuscular or intravenous injection of drugs and nutrients do not go through the stomach and liver so they by-pass the first pass system. This means delivering specific dosages that are completely absorbed and metabolized giving a faster and stronger result. Compounding pharmacies that make the injectable vitamins and other substances are highly regulated by FDA to ensure safety, quality, strength of ingredients.

advantages-of-vitamin-injetionsWho can benefit from vitamin shot?

Individuals who are having difficulty with losing weight despite eating sensibly and exercising may find the addition of a weekly vitamin shot like LIPO-MAX can reduce weight, decrease carbohydrate cravings, enhance mood, improve memory and concentration.
Anybody with indigestion, ulcers, Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, diabetes, anemia, gastro-intestinal surgery or over the age of 50 can see marked improvements in energy, sleep and concentration with a Vitamin B12/B6 injection.
Replenishing essential vitamins and trace elements can improve well-being for those taking antibiotics, metformin, H-2 blockers, birth control pills, antidepressants, heart meds, nicotine and alcohol.

How many injections do I need?

You may choose to have four injections over 4 weeks as a liver Detox. A great combination to stimulate and support liver detoxification for improved elimination and metabolism is (MIC-B). B12, B6 and amino acids; Methionine, Inositol and Choline
Lipotropic (breakdown fat) injections like LIPO-MAX can be taken for several months to enhance a dietary and exercise plan.
There are several combinations available of vitamin, trace elements and amino acids that can be used during times of high physical and mental stress to enhance performance and wellbeing.

lipomax weight loss supplementWhat about side effects and other medications?

Very rarely a headache and frequent bowel motions may occur, due to the detoxifying effect but this is rare and diminishes quickly with hydration.
The injections are safe to take with most medical conditions and medications but an initial assessment should be performed by the Doctor administering the injections to identify or discuss any underlying and pathologies that may be occurring. A person with a stomach ulcer can feel great improvements in energy and concentration with B12/B6 injections, but the stomach ulcer still needs to be treated as the B12/B6 will not cure the ulcer. Injections should not be a replacement for medical care.

How to get started?

Inquiries and appointments can be made with Dr. Andrew Walsh to find out if Vitamin injections can help you lose weight, increase energy and general well-being at the following locations;
Lake Mary on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at HLC Wellness (407 833 3800) www.HLCwellness.com

Ken Marino weight loss hypnosis was featured on Channel 13 News

Ken Marino’s Weight Loss Hypnosis

Ken Marino, our hypnotist and hypnosis trainer was featured on Brighthouse Channel 13 for his weight loss virtual gastric band. Check out the video to learn more about Ken’s weight loss hypnosis which is available in Orlando and Lake Mary.

Ken is a hypnosis instructor that is certified with the National Hypnosis Guild and has been practicing hypnosis for over 6 years.  Ken’s hypnosis sessions range from weight loss and smoking to various fears and self confidence.

To schedule a free session with Ken, give us a call!

What is the right massage for you


Author:  Wekina McMillian (Massage Therapist at HLC Wellness)

Massage is perhaps one of the oldest greatest homeopathic remedies known to mankind. Dating back to the BC era, massage has been used to alleviate stress, tension, and pain throughout the body. By definition, massage means the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue by using various levels of pressure.

The most common types of massage are:

• Swedish (very light relaxing strokes)
• Deep tissue (intense and focused pressure)
• Sports (manipulation of muscles by mobilization through stretches ideal for athletes)
• Hot stone (deep penetrating heat to help assist in loosening the muscles, also used in contrast with hands-on modalities)

The benefits of massage therapy include:

1) promoting improved circulation throughout the body;

2) help in alleviating chronic and back pain, improved flexibility

3) relief of headaches and insomnia;

4) and reducing scar tissue and fatigue.

In a professional setting, massage is performed on a massage table, massage chair, or mat. Over the years massage has been used primarily in spa settings, gradually progressing and becoming more widespread into chiropractic offices and used in teaching settings for couples massage, prenatal, and infant massage.

Touch, while very intimate, is also soothing. It is said that introducing touch to an infant at a young age helps instill fearlessness, enhances movement and coordination, and helps in increasing weight. For pregnant women, touch alleviates some of the negative side effects of being pregnant. It enhances blood flow that prevents blood clots, helps to reduce headaches and swelling/edema, eases backaches, improves sleep, and in some instances helps to induce labor.

Very often clients ask how often they should receive massage; I answer by saying if you can afford it and your body is not in any pain after receiving massage, then you should do it every day! However, the average person generally sees a therapist one or two times out of the month or annually. Your massage session should be scheduled accordingly to whatever your life situation may be at home, in the workplace, physically and personally. Whether it’s a couple times a week or once every week, the important thing is to always be aware of your body and what’s going on with it. If you’re sore from a massage session, I suggest icing the muscles; if you want further relief and release of your muscles, use a heating pad, soak in a tub with Epsom salt, and for pain a topical analgesic like Biofreeze or Tiger Balm.

A lot of tension and stress that our bodies absorb is from our work or home environment and the activities we partake in. Most people typically carry their stress in their upper body region, i.e., neck and shoulders. So it is not uncommon to learn that this stress comes from the way you hold your posture, the length of time you sit at a computer desk, the amount of weight you carry (e.g., women with heavy purses, men lifting weights in the gym, lifting or toting a child, moving furniture). Stress may even be a result of past surgeries or injuries where scar tissue is left over and has built up over time. Whatever the case, it’s always important to give any and all information, past or present, about your health history to your therapist in order to maximize the success of your bodywork session.

It’s important to drink lots of water for 24 hours after a session in order to assist in releasing toxins out of your system. Stretching is also very important as it not only aids in preventing injuries like arthritic joints, carpal tunnel and tennis elbow, but it also helps with any preexisting health issues by building the strength and range of motion for muscles and joints throughout the body. If you want to maintain a stress-free body it’s important to be on a regular regimen of receiving massage and following whatever plan of progress your therapist suggests for you.

How to avoid Holiday Stress

Stress reduction techniques Lake Mary

Reduce Stress During The Holidays

  1. Try AcupunctureStress reduction techniques Lake Mary

  2. Exercise More

  3. Grab a Massage

  4. Try yoga!

  5. Try Reiki!




There are many ways to reduce stress during the holidays and throughout life but it is important to take some time for yourself to reduce the stress.  Acupuncture and massage are by far our favorite stress reducers at HLC Wellness of Lake Mary.

Taking an hour per week to heal yourself and bring your body into balance with acupuncture and massage can do a world of good for you both physically and mentally.

Try a relaxing massage or a healing acupuncture treatment today at HLC Wellness!


Weight Loss


Lake Mary Weight Loss Tips for the Holidays

  1. Think Addition, Not Subtrationweight_loss_lake_mary_tips
  2. Increase Physical Activity in FUN WAYS!
  3. Avoid Sugars and Flours
  5. Enjoy foods but lighten them up
  6. Drink water..HYDRATE!
  7. Reduce Stress…Relax
  8. Take Lipo Light Supplements



Lake Mary Weight Loss Tips

Enjoy your holidays, but take some simple measure to combat the increased fat and weight gain that is common with so many goodies that accompany the holiday parties.

After the holidays, when you are ready to get into shape and become a better you, check out HLC Weight loss and inch loss plans!  We have plans for everybody from those that just want to lose a few inches or someone that needs to lose 20+ pounds!

Nothing is more important than our health and wellness so please take time to enjoy yourself and don’t use dangerous methods to loser weight.


Holiday Weight Loss without sacrifice

christmas-89Weight loss can be very difficult during the holiday season and many of us simply decide to deal with the weight gain and take it all off in January.  We all look forward to the delicious cookies, pies, eggnog and hot chocolate that accompany our holiday festivities but quickly  add pounds to our waistlines.  We all look forward to Thanksgiving and amazing turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes that leave us completely incapacitated for the remainder of the day as we lie on the couch in a carbohydrate coma after finishing off our meal with some homemade pumpkin pie.

So how do we enjoy the holidays without putting on extra weight?

You can certainly diet during the holidays and try as hard as you can to avoid the fat or carbs (depending on which diet is popular this year) and just say no to the amazing cookies, pies and homemade treats that we grew up with and remind us of holidays past.  But diet is such an ugly word… Diet means SACRIFICE and doing without.  How can you possibly enjoy the holidays if you can’t eat the things that brought you so much joy?  As it is well documented at this point, diets simply don’t work.  You lose the weight temporarily only to gain it back again later.  You can visit a weight loss clinic that will put on a very low calorie diet and tell you to eliminate fat or carbs while prescribing dangerous medication that will offer short term results, but this is STILL JUST A DIET that involves sacrifice and short term results.

How about working out?

It’s basic math, right?  If you burn more than you lose then you will absolutely lose weight.  If you build muscle during your workout, then the muscle is going to work around the clock and keep burning fat.  Now we are on to something!  We certainly can’t dispute that working out is a great way to lose weight.  It also helps to eliminate stress, help you to sleep better and offers a myriad of NATURAL health benefits that provide quality of life, energy and most of all, weight loss.  But there’s a catch!  There is always a catch, right?


You need to spend time in the gym and most of us simply don’t have the luxury of spending an hour per day in the gym due to our hectic lifestyles, and if you do….kudos to you!  The time that it takes to drive to the gym and spend an hour building muscle and hitting the treadmill simply isn’t sufficient for most of us to do on a daily basis.  So what is the answer to losing weight without sacrifice and without spending an hour per day at the gym?  How can I possibly enjoy the holiday foods and maintain my weight or lose weight without all of the sacrifice of my time and taste buds?

Virtual Lap Band and Whole Body Vibration Machines

The virtual lap band helps you to subconsciously think that you have a smaller stomach and and helps you to become fuller faster.  You will actually stop eating when you are full and not continue to ingest copious amounts of food because it’s on your plate.  The best thing about this program is that you can eat whatever you want, you are simply going to eat less of it.  The virtual lap band program uses hypnosis to help you to lose weight naturally with no pills, no surgery and NO DIETING.  Our clients are reporting weight loss of 10 to 20 pounds in their first month WITHOUT SACRIFICE.  The program is an 8 week program that requires 2 hours for your first visit and 1 hour per visit after that.


  • The other key ingredient is working out without sacrificing the hour per day at the gym.  How can you receive the same benefits of a one hour workout without actually working out?  The answer….Whole Body Vibration.  The whole body vibration program give you the same benefits as a one hour workout in only 10 minutes!  Whole Body Vibration machines offer a laundry list of benefits including:


  •  Improve circulation and blood oxygenation
  • Decreased diastolic blood pressure
  • Reduces back pain and stiffness
  • Increases muscle strength, flexibility, mobility and coordination
  • Improves cellulite reduction
  • Improves collagen production as well as bone strength and density
  • Boosts levels of testosterone and natural HGH
  • Decreases levels of cortisol (hormone produced under stress and adds weight)
  • Extremely effective body fat combustion


The list of natural benefits from whole body vibration goes on and on but the greatest benefit is that you only need 10 minutes per day to lose weight and create a healthier body.  And please keep in mind that these are the units that cost thousands of dollars at the mall.  Our stand up units are priced under $600 and include a session with our staff as well as a video that will show you an effective 10 minute workout that will provide greater benefits than a one hour workout in the gym.

So, to wrap it up…. If you really want to lose weight without dieting and without spending 7 hours per week in a gym, the virtual lap band plus the whole body vibration is for you.

Just one hour per week and 10 minutes per day for a healthy holiday weight loss and eat whatever you like!

And remember, this is not a diet.  This is a permanent lifestyle change.  This is not a fad or a machine being pushed by a fitness celebrity that’s going to end up in your garage.  Just 10 minutes per day and 1 hour per week for 8 week can change your life and certainly make the holidays a much more pleasurable experience.

Our “Weight Loss Forever” program includes:

  • The virtual Gastric Program: 8 in-office hypnosis sessions with Ken Marino, plus 3 mp3 cds that you can listen to to reinforce the hypnosis at any time.
  • A full size Whole Body Vibration Machine
  • Training session with HLC staff on whole body vibration machine
  • Custom workout CD specifically for the whole body vibration unit designed in house with a fitness trainer at HLC Wellness.

Call HLC Wellness for pricing and inquiries about our new “Weight Loss Forever program”.

Gift certificates are available and holiday discount pricing is currently available!


Orlando liposuction vs Lipo Light treatments

lipo light orlando

Lipo Light vs Liposuction treatments in Orlandoliposuction weight loss

Lipo Light therapy is an extremely safe alternative to liposuction.  Rather than removing fat cells, lipo light uses a process that shrinks fat cells for body contouring and fat elimination.  The lipo light led therapy shows results after the very first treatment with no pain, no scarring and no down time.  Liposuction seemed promising when it was initially introduced but after many botched surgeries that resulted in disfigurement, scarring and death, many people chose to find alternative methods of fat loss.

Health Disadvantages of surgical liposuction

Some side effects of liposuction can be fatal. The list includes:

  • bacterial infection
  • skin damage
  • skin necrosis
  • nerve or skin burns
  • contour issues
  • Disturbing the fluid balance of the body
  • Lidocaine toxicity poisoning
  • Scarring

Lipo-Light is a safe, effective low level light program created for the reduction of fat. There is absolutely no pain, no downtime, no scars and zero health risks.  The treatment is very comfortable and only takes 20 minutes.  You will require multiple treatments for optimum results and the program will require some effort from the client (such as minimal exercise, drinking water and avoiding eating 2 hours before or after treatment) you can expect great results and not worry about taking time off of work or scarring as a result of surgery.

Why Dieting is Ineffective in Losing Weight

diets do not work

You can lose weight without constantly dietingdiets do not work

It may be true that no matter how perfectly you perform your weight management methods, you can never entirely stop your self from making slip-ups, especially when it comes to dieting during the holidays. So why is this process unsuccessful when it comes to reducing your weight?

Dieting Slows Metabolism

When you consume only a few calories, your body’s metabolism slows down since it has to burn a small amount of calories for it to continue to function. The absence of exercise in dieting results to the loss of lean muscle, fat and water weight. As a result, your body’s metabolism is slowed even more leading you to eat fewer calories to further reduce your weight.

When you stop exercising and entirely halt your dieting, your previous weight may more likely return on a faster rate as there is no more physical activity to slow down your metabolism. The worst thing is the weight you put on may be comprised of fat instead of muscle, resulting to an unhealthy-looking and less lean body. Hence, exercise should go hand in hand when you are dieting.


Perhaps you only want to be on a diet just so you can reach your goal. It may even be true that the foods you eat are not the same foods you want to consume forever. When you come to realize that you dislike the foods you consume and do not find them completely satisfying, you may sway away from your main objective.

Control Problems

Dieting may provide you with a sense of control as you take the reigns of your eating habits. Although you may become successful for a period of time, yearning for forbidden foods may allow you to cheat even with small amounts. However, there may come a time that you cannot entirely control your cravings and go into complete revolt as you go back to your previous eating patterns.

Yo-yo Diet Cycle

A yo-yo diet cycle refers to a repetitive regain and loss of weight because of too much hypocaloric dieting. This becomes stressful for the body as it constantly compensates with the differences in weight.


Dieting is not literally a depressant but it may cause depression. You may dwell on the idea that you have to give up tasty recipes just so you can lose weight, which you may think as not possible at all. Since food is in a way a part of how you meet up with your family and friends, you may later feel deprived of it and eventually stop socializing. In the end, you decide that it is better to be happy with others while you eat rather than become alienated by other people and withdraw from the foods that you like.

Generally, ensure that you only make small eating changes that you can later on increase. Also, try to incorporate regular exercise at least one hour a day. These may help even if you only lose a little weight for the year. At least you do not totally deprive yourself while you continue on losing weight.

Consider Hypnosis and Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss

The virtual gastric band program eliminates the need to diet.  You can eat whatever you like but you are simply going to eat less of it.  This process is natural and needs no pills, patches or complicated diet books to understand.  No calorie counting, no need to count points, carbs or pedometer steps.  Call HLC Wellness at 407-990-1510 to find out more about this amazing, natural program that was featured on Doctor Oz.


The Risks of Lap Band Surgery: What You Need to Know

Before you even consider a lap band surgery in Orlando, it’s better if you set the right expectations from the get go. For one, lap band surgery is not supposed to be a weight loss “quick fix”. So if you look at surgeries as a way to cut corners, you’re off to a huge disappointment, dear.

Any invasive procedure holds certain risks which you must weigh before making any decision. Lap band surgery, for example,  doesn’t guarantee success for everybody. And if you’re afraid of surgeries, chances are this procedure may not be the right one for you. If this is the case, you can either force yourself to start living a healthy lifestyle or consider other safer, non-invasive alternatives like virtual gastric lap band hypnosis.

So what’s difference between lap band surgery and virtual gastric lap band? To help you on your decision, here’s a list of possible reasons why surgery may not suit you (and why you should choose virtual gastric band instead).

High failure rate

Just because the traditional lap band surgery costs more than its alternative doesn’t mean its foolproof. A research study headed by Dr. Jacques Himpens of Saint Pierre University Hospital in Brussels has revealed that out of 82 patients who had undergo lap band surgery 12 years ago, 49 experienced complications which require reoperation. The failure is mainly caused by either erosion or pouch dilation.

Virtual gastric lap band, however, gives the same benefits of surgery without the patient going under the knife. In other words, hypnosis will enable a person to feel full with less food due to proper mind conditioning. And because no actual band is implanted to the stomach, possible complications and long recovery time will never be an issue. Initial trials in UK showed that virtual gastric band patients experienced 95% success without any adverse reactions.


Strict Requirements

Money is not the only concern why you need to think twice before considering a lap band surgery in Orlando. For one, invasive surgeries such as these require certain qualifications  before a patient can be considered a candidate. Lap band surgery is described to be an ideal procedure for those who have already tried various diets or exercise and rely on  lap band surgery as a last resort. Potential candidates must also have a BMI of more than 40 (morbidly obese) or 35 (obese) with existing comorbidities such as diabetes, asthma, and hypertension.

Although some institutions require minor medical tests prior to procedure, virtual gastric lap band is pretty accessible to almost anyone. As long as you are at least 20% overweight, you can avail of virtual lap band and experience its long-term health benefits without a single surgery.


Adverse Effects

You might put yourself into a lot of trouble if you undergo surgery in such a poor state of health. This is because the worse your condition is, the more likely you’ll experience adverse effects both  short-term and long-term. Some of the most common side-effects of lap band surgery includes slipped band, erosion, infection, gall stones, vomiting, heartburn, constipation, among others. Although it can bring promising results for those who are qualified, the risk will always remain no matter how stable your health is prior to surgery.

Virtual gastric lap band, on the other hand, is a non-invasive procedure and works perfectly to those who are either not qualified for surgeries or just too afraid to go under the knife. Its cost-effective, 100% safe, and eliminates the long recovery time, scarring, and possible complications of the traditional surgery.

HLC Wellness offers a whole range of safe, non-surgical methods for weight loss including virtual gastric lap band. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer.

The benefits of whole body vibration for weight loss and muscle gain

whole body vibration

The benefits of whole body vibration for weight loss and muscle gainwhoel body vibration weight loss

Are you interested in weight loss but you simply don’t have the time?  Is an hour a day too much to spend in the gym?  As busy as Americans tend to be nowadays, it’s very difficult to find time for the gym when balancing work/home/study and life in general.  But we have to keep fit, right?  After all, exercise keeps our bodies more physically fit AND keeps out minds sharper.  So how can we find the time to work out?

What if I told you that 10 minutes on a whole body vibration machine can benefit your body as much as a one hour workout in a gym?  Whole body vibration has been around in various forms for a long time but it is only now that studies are concluding that this easy workout program can truly benefit your body and your weight loss goals.

2003 study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise showed significantly increased strength of knee-extensors in 67 untrained female volunteers.

The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine published a study in 2007 from the Department of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Athens showing significant improvements in sprint speed and strength in only six weeks of training.

Similar studies have shown increased bone density, postural control, and improved mobility and balance in older users.

New whole body vibration units designed for weight loss allow you to change the vibration and speed of the unit while giving you a large enough plate to stand on that will allow you to perform various work outs and poses while standing on the unit, performing push ups on the unit or combining your exercise with bands and strength training balls with the whole body vibration machine.

The whole body vibration machine’s vibration causes muscles to involuntarily contract 30 to 40 times per second.  This vibration stimulates circulation, stretches tendons strengthens bones, resulting in faster recovery after workouts.

Healing Laser Clinics has partnered with a personal trainer to create videos specifically for their whole body vibration unit to help you get the most from your workout.

A 2009 study has concluded that a combination of whole body vibration training and resistance training is very effective for decreasing the percentage of body fat in post menopausal women. Data also shows that whole body vibration training may have the potential to reduce visceral adipose tissue (the fat around the organs) more than aerobic exercise in obese adults, possibly making it a meaningful addition to future weight loss programs.

The beauty of whole body vibration is that you CAN burn the same calories and work the same muscles in a 10 minute period of time as you normally would in the one hour gym workout.  Plus you receive the benefits of increased bone density along with a decrease in body fat.

To try the whole body vibration unit for weight loss and see the benefits for yourself, call Healing Laser Clinics today!