Laser Acupuncture in Orlando Lake Mary

Laser Acupuncture

Laser acupuncture uses a cold laser to treat acupuncture points instead of using needles.  It is absolutely painless and is actually quite relaxing.

Laser acupuncture can be used to treat any points on the body that can be treated with needles.  During your treatment, a cluster probe or laser pad may also be applied for pain or weight loss treatments.

Most lasers used in acupuncture are known as low-level lasers or “cold lasers,” (because they don’t produce heat.). These are not the same as lasers used for laser surgery, in which “hot lasers” are used as a scalpel to burn or cut. Studies show that low-level lasers can help regenerate cells, decrease pain, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and stimulate hair growth.


Laser therapy can be an effective method of pain relief that doesn't have side effects or or cause additional issues. We use acupuncture probes, paddles and cluster probes to treat pain. All devices are painless low level "cold" lasers that don't produce heat.


Laser therapy has been used to help people to quit smoking for over 30 years. it is also used in helping people to quit alcohol and drugs with proper guidance and counseling.


Cold laser therapy has an amazing calming effect which tends to help with anxiety and depression. The low level laser combined with hypnosis may increase the effects of the hypnosis and improve the outcome.

Questions about Laser Acupuncture?

Dr. Lara Aitken, Florida licensed DOM can answer all of your questions.  Please call the office or come in for a consultation to see what we can do for you with laser acupuncture.

Is cold laser painful?

Not in the slightest.  It is a cold laser and most feeling feel a soothing sensation.  Many fall asleep.

Are there contraindications?

Yes.  People with active cancers and pregnancies are generally not treated but can be treated with traditional acupuncture.

Conditions Treated with Laser Acupuncture

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