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Low level Laser Therapy and Hypnosis

Low level laser therapy  can be incredibly relaxing and even put you to sleep!  We’ve been providing low level laser for over 14 years and many of our clients tend to fall asleep during the treatment.  All clients leave feeling incredibly relaxed.

Combination of Laser and Hypnosis

During a hypnosis session, you are very relaxed.  there are many techniques used to help you to enter a state of hypnosis so that you can relax and be open to hypnotic suggestions.  Low level Laser Therapy can help with this process to get you deep into a hypnotic state.  The combination of both laser and hypnosis can produce a very relaxed state and aid with hypnotic suggestions, relaxation and anxiety.

Laser Acupuncture and Hypnosis for Anxiety

The combination of laser therapy and hypnosis for anxiety is an ideal solution for anxiety that is drug free and pain free.  The program involves relaxing the body and mind by stimulating acupuncture points with a low level laser.  While you are in a state of relaxation, Dr Lara Aitken will begin a hypnosis session tailored to your unique experiences.  Afterward, you should feel incredibly relaxed.

Laser Acupuncture and Hypnosis for Smoking

HLC Wellness has been providing both laser therapy and hypnosis to quit smoking for over 14 years in Central Florida. 

Some clients want laser therapy, some clients and hypnosis and other clients ask for both.  Why?  Because the laser does an amazing job of relieving the physical side effects and withdrawal symptoms that pop up when you quit smoking BUT the hypnosis aids in dealing with the behavioral aspects of quitting smoking and helps to reinforce the habits that you are in the process of changing.  

Our program has been featured on local Channel 6 news, Real radio 104.1 and many local publications.