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Lipo Melt Supplements for increased Fat Burn

Need an assist with your weight loss plan or workout routine? Lipo Melt Fat Metabolizer supports Fat metabolism and helps to burn the fat while dieting and exercising.

HLC is now introducing our new weight loss supplements that assist all of our services in burning more fat. Prior to this development, we were purchasing separate bottles of all of the following ingredients and spending over $126.00 per month to obtain the same formulation that the Lipo Light manufacturer suggests for fat loss.

HLC partnered with a local compounding pharmacy to combine all of the ingredients into one pill for one low price. We oversee the manufacturing and QA so we know what is going into our pills and we can verify the amount and quality of the ingredients.


Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Helps maintain lean muscle mass.
Enhances your diet and supports your metabolism.
Supports healthy body composition.

Apple Pectin

A natural source of water- soluble fiber. Provides nutritional support for intestinal health.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed Extract has been the topic of many scientific studies demonstrating their efficacy in the support of cardiovascular health and immune system balance. Other, non-clinical studies have shown that Grape Seed Extract may protect healthy brain and nerve tissues.

Coleus Forskolin Powder

Forskolin plays a critical role in a myriad of cellular functions, including inhibiting histamine release, relaxing muscles, increasing thyroid function, and increasing fat burning activity in the body.

Check out Doctor Oz’s take on Forskolin.


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