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Lipo-Mino Lipotropic Injections for Increased Fat Metabolism and energy

lipo mino injections


Lipo-Mino is a perfect enhancement to any of the body contouring programs that we offer at HLC Wellness.  This will assist in fat breakdown with Velashape and Ultrashape programs as well as additional fat breakdown if you are working out or dieting.


L-Carnitine, choline, and other compounds in the lipotropic injection increase the metabolism of your fat cells and turn them into energy.  Say goodbye to the sluggish feeling that sets in after lunch. Unlike a caffeine jolt that barely helps you make it to 5:00, lipotropic injections provide an energy boost that is both natural and long-lasting.


Lipotropic injections work best when used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise routine. When feelings of sluggishness are replaced with the abundant energy of an increased fat metabolism, you can expect to get more impact from each visit to the gym. Additionally, lipotropic injections help to preserve lean muscle mass, further enhancing your metabolism so that you continue burning calories for hours after you work out. Some formulas also work to suppress the appetite and curb cravings, allowing you to shed pounds even more quickly.


The B vitamins that aid in the fat-burning process also provides a number of brain benefits, including a memory boost, improved clarity and concentration, balanced mood, and the prevention of mental fatigue. If you’re deficient in the B vitamins contained in your lipotropic injection, you can expect to feel an improvement in overall wellness right away.

*Requires consultation with Dr. Aitken