massage lake maryWe finally decided to offer massage at HLC Wellness in Lake Mary! Join our team in welcoming Deborah Lamb as our massage therapist.

Deborah has been a Licensed Massage Therapist in Central Florida since 1997. Deborah’s sixteen years of experience has led her to work with thousands of people through the many benefits of Therapeutic Medical Massage. Having spent the majority of her massage career working for Chiropractors.

Her experience has also allowed her to work with many of the areas Plastic Surgeons, spas and independently for herself. As a Medical Massage Therapist and former instructor, Deborah specializes in rehabilitation and Neuromuscular Therapy, and she brings extensive training in many modalities.

Deborah will be working on Tuesday and Thursday by appointment only at the HLC Wellness Spa 407-833-3800.

For relaxation Deborah enjoys reading, wine tasting’s, going to live concerts and yoga. She is also becoming an E-RYT 200 yoga instructor starting this spring. Deborah is currently working toward her Masters in Natural Health.


Massage currently being offered:

Traditional Swedish Massage – 50 mins -$70.00, 25 min – $45.00

A light, stretching relaxing massage. Soothing Swedish strokes relax muscles and stretching helps relieve aches from stressful tension knots.

Deep Tissue Massage – 50 mins -$85.00, 25 mins $50.00

Deep tissue massage treatment begins with slow, firm gliding pressure to restore normal length to contracted superficial Myofascial tissues. Then,the muscles are treated with deep, ossilating pressure. Afterward, the muscles are massaged with deep, sustained pressure until they release and regain their normal resting length.

Sports Massage – 50 mins, $90.00

The most beneficial massage for athletes. Sports Massage combines deep tissue and a firm Swedish massage to focus on muscles that are sore due to physical activity. The hard, sweeping strokes reduce soreness in over-worked muscles and rid the body of lactic acid build-up. Perfect for athletes, golfers and those with rigorous physical jobs.

Prenatal – Pregnancy Massage – $85.00

This relaxation massage helps relieve sinus congestion, backaches, leg cramps and sciatica pain. We place pillows on your side to aid in comfort during your pregnancy massage

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