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Microblading in Lake Mary

Discover the transformative benefits of microblading at our Lake Mary, FL salon. Perfect brows await with our expert, long-lasting microblading services.

Welcome to our premier microblading studio in Lake Mary, Florida, where we specialize in transforming your eyebrows into the perfect shape that enhances your natural beauty. Discover the numerous benefits of microblading and why our local Lake Mary residents choose us for their brow needs.

microblade perfection

What is Microblading?

Microblading is the semi-permanent brow technique that women use to achieve brow perfection.  Expert technicians who have mastered the art of microblading are providing the natural-looking, fuller brows that are in high demand.  Since the incredible boom in the industry, many expert microblading artists have developed various methods to achieve brow perfection. 

Some women want to fix their shape while others want thicker fuller brows, but all women who look to experts for help want a natural result.  They want to go to the gym and have a great workout without worrying if their eyebrows are melting off and smudging all over their face.  Frankly they want to never worry about their eyebrows again!  

To achieve the look each client wants, our expert, Karen Smith consults with each client to determine what they want and then provide expert advice on what will work best for their face shape and skin tone.  

microblading specialist
Karen microblading

Karen Smith

I am a Veteran, Mother, Wife, Entrepreneur but most importantly a Woman that wants to help guide and empower other women seeking opportunities in a career they can be passionate about.  

I’m very passionate about lashes, microblading and corrective microblading.  

After successfully starting and operating my own salon for over 20 years, I wanted to find a way to help others along their path in the industry.

As a Lash Lounge certified instructor, I am now hosting my own courses, allowing those looking to further advance their skillsets an opportunity to add brow and lash application/service certifications to their existing license. 

Microblading before and after

Microblading Pricing

  • Microblading $600

    Natural looking, fuller brows.

  • Corrective Microblading $700

    We will consult and repair a bad microblading job