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Testimonial from Marisol, who received Angelic Lift at HLC Wellness

Angelic Lift tummy tucks can transform your body without requiring surgery or down time.  The program uses 2 IPL lasers to melt fat and tighten the skin.  And when we say no down time, I mean ZERO down time.  You can come in for lunch, receive a treatment and then return to work.  We don’t just work on tummy tucks, either!  We can work on your face, neck, legs, buttocks and many other areas.  The Orlando tummy tuck program is the popular in Orlando, followed by the non surgical face lift and no cut butt lift.

Angelic Lift can melt the fat and tighten the skin to provide a more youthful appearance and take years off!  Many local and national celebrities have used the Angelic Lift to transform their bodies before being filmed with the new 4k cameras that show every detail and wrinkle.

The tummy tuck alternative

Exercise and sit ups are great but you need to eliminate the layer of fat to show off those abs again.  Angelic Lift can help to sculpt your body back to when you were proud to show it off!  This procedure helps with c-section scars, breast enlargement/reduction scars and other surgical scars on your body.  Do you want a better body without the risks associated with surgery and anesthesia? Are you considering plastic surgery but afraid of the many dangers of surgery?

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