Laser Lift type Photo Laser Facials – Lake Mary


The HLC Wellness Signature Photo Facial is designed to rejuvenate, invigorate and lessen the effects of sun damaged and aging skin in a soft, gentle way. The HLC Wellness Photo Laser Facial new low level laser light delivers precise dosages of healing energy to your skin. During your session, the low level light energy is delivered through a special cluster laser probe to the targeted area, providing a laser lift type effect.

Levels of low level laser energy specific to your treatment are used to ensure your improvement. Once administered, the low level light energy is absorbed by the targeted damaged tissue and increased collagen production begins. The precise amounts of light energy through your skin’s surface and the energy are delivered at specific settings for each treatment to maximize your results.

The beginning of the session will start as a typical facial with specific needs for for your skin and the therapy will end with the low level light treatments. All treatments are administered by Melissa Morgan, certified esthetician.


Only $139.00 this week only

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