Ready to quit smoking in Orlando or Lake Mary?

After calling HLC Wellness to set your appointment date and picking your location to quit, prepare yourself to be a non-smoker on that date.  Smoke as much as you normally would up until you come into the office.

When you leave your house, be sure that your house is completely free of any cigarettes, lighters or ashtrays.

When you arrive at our stop smoking clinic, throw any remaining packs of cigarettes or lighters that you have in to our nicotine bin and prepare yourself to be a healthy, happy non-smoker.

easy method to quit smokin

Please refrain from wearing any jewelry during the treatment.  After the treatment you will be very relaxed and will not have the physical cravings for nicotine that you would typically have when quitting smoking.

The entire process will take about 1 hour.  This process involves about 10 minutes of paperwork, 30 minutes of counseling and 22 minutes of laser therapy.

During the counseling session we will discuss the treatment and identify personal traits you relate to smoking and why you want to quit smoking.  We will teach you how to change your habits and avoid cigarettes smoking or dipping.  We will also discuss proper nutrition, vitamin supplementation and body detoxification.

After your counseling session, you will be treated with the low level laser for smoking.  You will be extremely relaxed and may end up falling asleep during the therapy.  When the therapy is over, you will feel very calm, relaxed and no longer have any physical cravings for nicotine.