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Red Light Therapy

Power of Red and IR Light


In one study, the 630nm wavelength was combined with other beauty treatments such as microneedling to create a statistically significant improvement in photodamage, fine lines and sagging.



Red light therapy containing the 630nm wavelength has been proven to be a safe and effective method of stimulating hair growth in both men and women.



The 630nm wavelength has also been shown to help reduce inflammation and breakouts.

red light treatment


We use the strongest LED light on the market.  Their patent-pending R+|NIR+ spectrum, exclusive to all PlatinumLED BIOMAX lights, achieves a perfected blend of 5 different wavelengths of light that offers therapeutic benefits for a wide array of applications and deeper penetration for maximum results. Extensive scientific studies confirm that this helps create the most advanced and powerful LED therapy light ever designed.

Red Light Face and Body Treatment

Red and near-infrared facial and body treatments provide the most amazing facial therapy you could receive without harsh chemicals or peels. The treatment stimulates cellular energy production, collagen-producing fibroblasts, and lymph and blood flow. At the same time, it reduces skin-damaging inflammation and oxidative stress.

You can help to repair saggy skin and enjoy a better complexion, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, and a more even skin tone. 

Red light therapy is the clear choice for both facial rejuvenation and overall well-being. Give your body a boost with red light. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, you’ll notice a world of difference in the feel and appearance of your skin with multiple treatments.

Red light therapy naturally stimulates your body’s own production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), a key element in cellular regeneration. It’s been identified as a great way to aid in faster healing, immune boosting, anti-aging, mood enhancement, muscle recovery, and much more.


Single sessions, packages and memberships available

Red Light memberships are the best for maintaining skin tone, decreasing inflammation and providing consistent results for your face and body.

We also pair this amazing service with other programs such as our body contouring services and our Formostar Infrared Wrap.

$125 per treatment. 

Packages and memberships available.