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Salt Room Yoga

Restorative Yoga in a Dry Salt Therapy Room

Ready to find a solution for those regular aches & pains?

Introducing Salt Room Restorative Yoga Classes

This 1 hour Restorative Salt Room Yoga class will teach you skills for good health to improve patience, increase relaxation, create awareness along with many other positive life enhancements. You will be performing deep stretching movements to release all tensions; and just like all forms of yoga, you will learn breathing techniques designed to ease stress … BUT what makes our yoga class extra special and stand out above the rest is that you attend class in our state-of-the-art therapeutic salt room! So not only are you taking those deep cleansing breaths, you’re also breathing in the medical grade salt air. Basically you are getting TWO spa services for 1 low price!

Classes are small and intimate with a maximum amount of 5 people to enjoy the yoga experience and enjoy the zen of our beautiful salt room.

This is much more than a regular yoga session.  We wanted it to be special for you.  We wanted it to be something that you transform you.  This is a new level of yoga.

lake mary salt room yoga

Introductory price of $30.00 per yoga session

Spacing is limited. All levels welcome. Attendees are encouraged to dress in comfortable clothing and bring your own mat.

Salt Room Yoga class sessions:

Wednesdays – 12pm-1pm

Your Yoga Instructor – Michelle Kalkan

“Michelle Kalkan has this natural energy that just works”

She was born with this incredible gift of optimism and has continued to strengthen it as her life has unfolded. Do unfortunate, uncomfortable life changes challenge her? Absolutely. The difference is that she can undeniably recognize the good in it and learn about growth.

Michelle has completed multiple years of metaphysical studies working her way to being a Practitioner through the Science of Mind coursework. Spirituality, along with meditation, is an everyday practice for her.Michelle has obtained her Certified Yoga Instructor Award at the 200 RYT level with Yoga Alliance. She continues to practice her studies and stay up to date by attending various conferences & workshops in the field. Michelle is known in the community as enlightened, skillful and playful! Incorporating the various levels of practicality of spirituality to her yoga teachings is how she dedicated herself to this heavenly transformation!”