Lake Mary Spa Membership Packages

HLC strives to provide the best services in Lake Mary for the most affordable pricing.  If you are a client that enjoys a spa service at least once per month, you should be rewarded.  Our membership programs provide upscale services to our clients without sacrificing quality or time.  Check out our spa packages below and call us to setup your new membership package!

Massage Lover Membership

Includes a relaxing one hour Swedish massage to take away the stress.  Relax and take an hour for yourself in our quiet spa rooms with a soothing massage from an HLC massage therapist.  Our massage members also receive discounts on spa products.

massage membership lake mary

Facial Lover Membership

Enjoy an invigorating facial every every month with our facial membership program.  We use Image Skin Care to provide you with the best facial experience that allows you to cleanse, moisturize and relax every month.  Our aestheticians have years of experience with all  skin types to keep your skin healthy and glowing every month.

Facial Memberships begin at $79 per month

Lake Mary facial membership

Body Wrap Lovers Membership

Have you had an infrared body wrap?  Melt away the stress and detox your body during while burning calories.  The Infrared Wrap can burn 900-1400 calories in a single session while you lay down, relax, read a book or take a nap.  The Infrared Wrap membership provides 2 infrared body wraps for only $99 per month.  Infrared Wrap members receive discounts on our spa product as well.

Body Wrap Memberships are $99 per month (2 per month)

Infrared Body Wrap membership