It has been 1 year now that i have been smoke free. every time i smell a cigarette burning i want 1 but i tell my self no & walk away.

I just lost my right leg due 2 smoking (pad). i did not pick up a smoke during that time of trial.

I am thankful 2 Ken & his staff 4 their support. & my mom & family is proud of me. so is my vascular dr.

The last time i had surgery i woke up & the dr. was at the foot of the bed & i asked him 4 a cigarette & he puuled dwn his mask & pointed his finger at me. i told my self , i think i just asked the wrong person 4 a smoke. that was back n july i did that & i quit n march of last year.

Thank u and good luck 2 each & everyone of u.