Wow! Words cannot even begin to describe how much better I feel since I quit smoking with the help of your clinic.

I smoked the *reds* for 20 plus years, tried everything out there and still smoked. When my father heard your commercial over the radio, he told me about it. I didn’t want to fork out the money incase I failed at this, so my parents agreed to pay for it. It’s been 5 months and still smoke free. YAHOO!!!!

The first week, I drank LOTS of water, which Melissa instructed me to do. I stayed away from places that reminded me of smoking. My domestic partner cleamed my car out so it wouldn’t smell of smoke. YAHOO!! SMOKE FREE!

I have no desire to smoke whatsoever. In fact, I can no longer stand the smell of it. I get upset when I walk towards a building and there are smokers, Not because I want one, but because it STINKS!

Thank you so much for helping me become smoke free. I breath so much better. I am able to do activities without feeling winded or needing a cigarette. I simply feel GREAT.

Thanks so much