I have smoked for over 50 years and have tried many times to quit. But the tears, the rants, and the depression that came with it would always be my undoing. I couldn’t even stand being around myself. I tried patches to no avail and 35 pounds added to my small frame. Tried Welbutron, What a joke that was and 25 more pounds put on. I did manage to lose 30 of them after returning to smoking.

While at work I had brought up the subject of how I had to quit smoking but had no idea how I was going to accomplish it. One of my co-workers, Tina, told me how she had quit with Laser Therapy. I told her that I had come across Laser Therapy on the Internet and didn’t think very much of it at the time, but she said it really worked. What did I have to lose?

The Laser Therapy website said to have a support group behind you. What a laugh, I had used up all support long ago. I let everyone know I was going to quit again. I planned a camping trip the first week and asked my granddaughter along. Her reply was, let me think on that.

Whenever I quit I go from tears, to rants, to being totally unreasonable, to depression. My granddaughter finally decided to come along just to make sure I would be alright.

On March 19th, I went for my first treatment. I laid there while Melissa gave me my therapy. The whole time I kept thinking, this isn’t going to work. I just blew $230. What was I thinking. I made my next appointment for seven days later anyways and figured I better give it a try after spending all that money.
By the time I got home after the Therapy I was feeling a little tired so I decided to take a nap. I slept off and on for the next three days. Even after sleeping six hours during the first day I was able to sleep all night, and what a wonderful sleep it was. By the third day I was feeling pretty good. I was calm and had such a wonderful feeling of well being. It was like I was given a magical pill. Sure I wanted a cigarette, but what was awesome about it all is that I didn’t NEED a cigarette. By the sixth day I could feel the feeling of calm starting to leave me. By the morning of the seventh day I wanted a cigarette bad, and I mean bad. I kept telling myself to wait till after my therapy and if I still felt the same I would buy a pack. Finally I arrived for my appointment and half way through the session I could feel the calm come back. No, I didn’t have to buy that pack. After five weeks now I am still smoke free and nicotine free. I am in AWE of me. I can’t believe after so long of trying to quit that I am truly free.

Trust me when I say that it really works. It’s like being sedated through it all. using the patch seems like slow torture compared to Laser Therapy. If I had it to do over I think I would of had a detox wrap with the Laser Therapy.

Thank you Melissa for helping me do what I thought was impossible.