Naww…it won’t work. Nothing’s worked and each time I’ve tried, everyone around me begged me to start again because I was SUCH a witch! And, on top of it, I just knew I’d gain a ton of weight and look like a whale. Great, a miserable, somewhat non-smoking obese whale. Plus, I really liked smoking. Great attitude to have to stop smoking, right? So, why try this? My mother died just a couple of weeks before and she didn’t have to. I had a hard look at myself and decided it was time to do this. I went on line and googled “stop smoking and not gain weight” and up came Healing Laser Clinics in Lake Mary and I began to read. It seemed too good to be true…but what the heck…I could at least try it.

So I did. Made the appointment, walked in, got the 10 minute laser treatment and walked out. It’s been three months and I haven’t had a cigarette. Yes, I did get a little snippy that first evening and I had a couple of urges the first couple of days, but they were easy to dismiss and I HAVEN’T GAINED A POUND!!! I am now an obnoxious convert and hand out the Healing Laser Clinic business cards to everyone.

This is incredible and my family is so thankful. I’m just glad that I don’t have the urge and I haven’t gained weight. I guess being healthy is a good thing too.

Thank you.