Read this before you change your mind about quitting. I first heard of the Healing Laser Clinics through a friend. The husband and she had used their services to quit smoking. Do to insurance I had to quit. Like most of you I had been smoking since a young age. I figured what the heck I called them up and set up an appointment. On the day of my appointment I chained smoked as many cigarettes as I could before I got there. I was not wasting that pack! So as I sat in the waiting area I noticed the notebooks with all of those testimonials in them. I thought man, am I being fed a crock or what! I sat there and second thought myself. “Is this painful?” “What if this is a rip off?” “Am I just throwing my money away?” I am sure these and other thoughts just like those are playing through your head.

Well the answer to the first question is “No, it is not painful!” matter of fact it is the most relaxing few minutes that you can ever have. The answer to the second question is “No it is not a rip off!” It really does work. The answer to the third question is “I have thrown my money away on smoking for years!” why not give it a shot. I figured it up, when I was smoking I was spending and average of $300.00 a month ($3600.00 a year) on cigarettes! That was just about a car payment. Here is one more thing. Remember I said that I chained smoke all those cigarettes on my way to the clinic. I had the strong taste of cigarettes in my mouth, well after the treatment there was NO TASTE of smoke in my mouth.

That was a year ago, as of June 23, 2010. My husband smokes cigars and I still have not smoked any more cigarettes!! I am not saying it is an easy thing to do, but if you follow their instructions you will be able to kick that nasty habit and feel better for it. Also think of all that money that you can spend somewhere else. (clothes, shoes, car, boat….etc.) So give it a shot, it really does work! I would not feed you a crock!

From: The Ex-smoker G

P.S. The people there are GREAT!!! They have the most positive attitude and they care!!