I, Phoebe Byers, had smoked for more than 20 years. On many occasions I had tried to quit smoking and I did quit but always started with in a few days. I was shaky and I was irritable and had a difficult time so I would give up and start smoking again. Finally I begin to feel that smoking was affecting my health. I talked to my doctor and she gave me Healing Laser Clinic’s information. After about three calls for information and many soul searching conversations with my spouse (he was a smoker). I set my mind that I would give the laser a try.

I would have to say I am sure part of my success was my mind set. Don’t get me wrong, I would love, love, love to have a cigarette. But about as soon as the thought comes into my mind it goes away. I owe part of the success to the technique the laser clinic uses. The last part of the success was attributed to the preparation before the laser treatment. The clinician did an awesome job of setting the scene from how we would clean everything out, how we would drink water and carry water, to the additional support the clinic would offer. I truly felt they wanted me to succeed. You see the clinician that helped us is a former smoker. That also helped me to relate.

I am now a former smoker and proud of it!! Good luck to who ever might read this and ask for additional help if needed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!