I just want you to know how much you helped mike.

He has gone out drinking 2 or 3 times since our visit, but he has changed his thinking and actions almost completely. Starting the day after we were there.

He is the attentive loving husband and father everyone hoped for.. He said the counseling and the laser helped him gain a new perspective in his life and realize how important it was to make changes.

He is, admittedly, a tightwad and never would share control of the finances with his wife. Now he gives her his whole check. Family time is more important than ever to him. He used to drink with his co-workers 4 or 5 days a week, so we see a huge improvement. He looks better and feels better. I am so proud of him for trying.

Our entire family is blessed and I thank you for you help, more than you know.

You literally helped save his life and his family.

I have offered additional treatments any time, my dime.He doesn’t feel like he needs it right now but the door is open and he is now open to doing whatever it takes to make these changes permanent.

Thanks again, Sandy *******

Forever indebted