As you all should know by now; starting on July 1, 2012 – The Nickelodeon Suites Resort will become a smoke free workplace for all team members. On that day all team member smoking areas will close and team members may not smoke on property. This includes the team member parking lot and surrounding areas and is inclusive of break and lunch times as well as entry to and from your work area.

When I first heard this news I was kind of upset but excited at the same time. How was I (the Human Resources Manager going to deal with this and support it!) I had tried to quit so many times before; those of you who know me know this. So, after much thought and discussion with my fellow team member smokers, I resigned myself to really doing it this time but was very nervous about it. I figured If I can’t smoke at work (where I spend more than 60 percent of life) then I certainly needed to quit. Then the resort had a visit by The Healing Laser Clinics of Orlando. This organization offered a discount to Nick Hotel team members for smoking cessation laser treatments. I signed up right away and was one of the first of several team members here to try this treatment.

I was very skeptical when I was told how the treatment worked. Basically a cold laser was going to massage my forehead, ears, wrists, and nose for about 45 minutes and make the craving of a cigarette “go away.” “Yea right, do you know who I work with?” Needless to say I paid my money and received the treatment on Friday January 27th. I don’t know if it was the massaging laser, the money I forked out, or simply the willingness to really quit this time that did it but I am very proud to say that I have been smoke free since that day.

After almost 5 months I breath so much better, have fewer allergy issues, sleep better, and oh yea; eat better! I did gain some pounds but exercise and eating right is slowly but surely taking care of that; things I couldn’t really do when I smoked. In addition to all of the health benefits I also started saving $50.00 a week into a savings account I opened (the amount I used to spend on a carton of cigarettes each week.) Memorial Day weekend I had enough money to go on a 3 day weekend cruise to Lucaya Bahamas!

The Healing Laser Clinic discount is still available and an on-going offer to Nick Hotel team members and their significant others. If you want more information please feel free to stop by my office; besides; I miss you guys! I haven’t been out to the smoking area in forever and pretty soon it will not exist anymore. 