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The following testimonials are all 100% REAL and UNEDITED emails and letters from our clients over the years. We take great pride in the programs that we offer and it shows through our client feedback.  Please note that we started our business in 2006, so these are pre-social media.

“Just a quick update, I’ve been a non-smoker now for 3 and a half years thanks to you!! After smoking about a pack a day for 30 years, one treatment with you and I have not had any desire to pick up another cigarette since. Thank you again. If I had known you could make it so easy and “painless” to do, I would have quit long ago!”
Best regards & keep up the good work,

Laura Harding
Apopka, FL

I can not thank you enough. I walked through your door 1 year today, after trying lozenges, patches, gum , prescription meds and even acupuncture and I was still smoking. I had my last cigarette before I walked in your door and have never touched a cigarette since. I followed Ken’s tips and can honestly say I broke the habit. Yes, I got the occasional craving but it only last minutes, and is never strong enough to want to buy a pack. Thank you so much Ken and all your staff for making this relaxing as well as rewarding. The cost is so worth the benefits, and I recommend this course of treatment to everyone.Daniel D Sinclair, CPLTRPT

I smoked cigarettes for 35 years. I was buying 3 packs a day for years. I went to Healing Laser clinic and quit smoking with no withdrawals and no side affects. In fact it worked so well that the first treatment was all I needed.I will be smoke free for 1 year in 2 days. I quit on March 5,2011. I call it my Ides of March. My son went yesterday and had his treatment done. He can’t wait to save money and his health all in one shot. Kudos to this procedure. I feel like a new person. Thanks,Gary Parks


After smoking 55 yrs at 2 ctns a week for over 35 yrs of it .i started at age 11 and in the first 20 yrs i built up to 2ctns a week for the next 35 yrs.onjuly 11th of 2009 i went for youre laser treatment and at youre advice again on july 13th 2 days later at no extra cost to me.i havent smoked since july 11th of 2009.i’m still in decent shape and glad to still be alive.THANK YOU VERY MUCH.Roger Bisson

Hi, this message is for Ken and Melissa. My boyfriend, mother and myself were in your Lake Mary office last Friday to receive laser therapy for our smoking addictions. I just wanted to quickly check-in and say that my last cigarette was on Thursday evening and I haven’t looked back since the treatment. I was extremely skeptical going into the procedure because I know how addictions are very difficult to overcome and without any medication, extensive one-on-on therapy, etc. it didn’t seem likely that a mere “laser” could stop my habit dead in its tracks. You were absolutely right when you said that the laser doesn’t erase one’s memory – I still remember my old tendencies and certain triggers that used to push me to the point of smoking but without the physical discomfort and psychological vulnerability and anxiety standing in my way it is relatively easy to say “no” to it. In fact, the smell of second hand smoke is so unappealing already. My boyfriend said that of the previous 5 times he has attempted to quit in his 12 year smoking career, this experience has been a complete 180. We are still in the beginning stages and understand that we have a long way to go but I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that the three of us are still moving forward (without much effort) toward living smoke-free lives. Many, many thanks to all of you!Monica C Mahoney

I just wanted to share something with you. I had my one and only treatment 4 months ago. I do NOT and have NOT craved a cigarette since, but just this morning while having coffee I thought I’ll have a cig. Weird how my mind still thinks I smoke. Needless to say I didn’t have one and I never will again!!! Thanks very much, I hope you guys know how much you did for me!!!Lisa Ochs Standridge

Worked for me and I will be smoke free 1 year on the 3rd of Aust. You must REALY want to quit or nothing will work. You must temp. change your habits as will. You can’t for instance….get up and have coffee where you use to smoke and drink your coffee. I’m sure Melissa will agree. Penny for what you pay for cigarettes it’s worth it keep trying 😉Karla Hawg

I share my experience with every smoker I meet. Even people out that I don’t even know that will just start smoking when I’m around..looking for an ashtray…I say you know u should just quit …I did. I was a 2- 2.5 pack a day smoker….n I quit almost 6 months ago!!! It was the best $200 I ever spent! I can honestly say I didn’t think it was gonna work….but it did! Thank you guys your the best!Jennifer Oulette

Hello,Read this before you change your mind about quitting. I first heard of the Healing Laser Clinics through a friend. The husband and she had used their services to quit smoking. Do to insurance I had to quit. Like most of you I had been smoking since a young age. I figured what the heck I called them up and set up an appointment. On the day of my appointment I chained smoked as many cigarettes as I could before I got there. I was not wasting that pack! So as I sat in the waiting area I noticed the notebooks with all of those testimonials in them. I thought man, am I being fed a crock or what! I sat there and second thought myself. “Is this painful?” “What if this is a rip off?” “Am I just throwing my money away?” I am sure these and other thoughts just like those are playing through your head. Well the answer to the first question is “No, it is not painful!” matter of fact it is the most relaxing few minutes that you can ever have. The answer to the second question is “No it is not a rip off!” It really does work. The answer to the third question is “I have thrown my money away on smoking for years!” why not give it a shot. I figured it up, when I was smoking I was spending and average of $300.00 a month ($3600.00 a year) on cigarettes! That was just about a car payment. Here is one more thing. Remember I said that I chained smoke all those cigarettes on my way to the clinic. I had the strong taste of cigarettes in my mouth, well after the treatment there was NO TASTE of smoke in my mouth. That was a year ago, as of June 23, 2010. My husband smokes cigars and I still have not smoked any more cigarettes!! I am not saying it is an easy thing to do, but if you follow their instructions you will be able to kick that nasty habit and feel better for it. Also think of all that money that you can spend somewhere else. (clothes, shoes, car, boat….etc.) So give it a shot, it really does work! I would not feed you a crock!From: The Ex-smoker GP.S. The people there are GREAT!!! They have the most positive attitude and they care!!Gina Fischer
This past saturday made it 2 1/2 yrs for me without a smoke, thanks again…David Perham

Works…4 years clean, never picked up another cigarette after I gave them my last pack..Yeah for me!!!Melanie Pechulis

TODAY… marks my 2nd year of being smoke free thanks to you! Thank you for giving me back my life and health! I could not have done it without you! I am so grateful and blessed to have made that first step into your clinic over 2 years ago!Sarah Maus

I have smoked for over 50 years and have tried many times to quit. But the tears, the rants, and the depression that came with it would always be my undoing. I couldn’t even stand being around myself. I tried patches to no avail and 35 pounds added to my small frame. Tried Welbutron, What a joke that was and 25 more pounds put on. I did manage to lose 30 of them after returning to smoking.While at work I had brought up the subject of how I had to quit smoking but had no idea how I was going to accomplish it. One of my co-workers, Tina, told me how she had quit with Laser Therapy. I told her that I had come across Laser Therapy on the Internet and didn’t think very much of it at the time, but she said it really worked. What did I have to lose?The Laser Therapy website said to have a support group behind you. What a laugh, I had used up all support long ago. I let everyone know I was going to quit again. I planned a camping trip the first week and asked my granddaughter along. Her reply was, let me think on that.Whenever I quit I go from tears, to rants, to being totally unreasonable, to depression. My granddaughter finally decided to come along just to make sure I would be alright.On March 19th, I went for my first treatment. I laid there while Melissa gave me my therapy. The whole time I kept thinking, this isn’t going to work. I just blew $230. What was I thinking. I made my next appointment for seven days later anyways and figured I better give it a try after spending all that money.
By the time I got home after the Therapy I was feeling a little tired so I decided to take a nap. I slept off and on for the next three days. Even after sleeping six hours during the first day I was able to sleep all night, and what a wonderful sleep it was. By the third day I was feeling pretty good. I was calm and had such a wonderful feeling of well being. It was like I was given a magical pill. Sure I wanted a cigarette, but what was awesome about it all is that I didn’t NEED a cigarette. By the sixth day I could feel the feeling of calm starting to leave me.  By the morning of the seventh day I wanted a cigarette bad, and I mean bad. I kept telling myself to wait till after my therapy and if I still felt the same I would buy a pack. Finally I arrived for my appointment and half way through the session I could feel the calm come back. No, I didn’t have to buy that pack. After five weeks now I am still smoke free and nicotine free. I am in AWE of me. I can’t believe after so long of trying to quit that I am truly free.Trust me when I say that it really works. It’s like being sedated through it all. using the patch seems like slow torture compared to Laser Therapy. If I had it to do over I think I would of had a detox wrap with the Laser Therapy.  Thank you Melissa for helping me do what I thought was impossible.Christine
HLC helped me quit 07/12/2008 – I love being able to taste food, I love that I can walk for miles without having to stop & catch my breath. I love that when I kiss my husband, he’s not kissing an ashtrayand best of all I love that I’m no longer a slave to a product that didn’t provide any benefit to me.Diana Shotko

After 35 years I quit smoking on Dec. 5th, 2009 at 8:20am. I came to this clinic, referred by a client and it was a friend of mine who paid for it as my Christmas gift. Truly, in my lifetime, I have never received a gift of LIFE. Its been 13 months and not a puff since! I wanted to get the nicotine out, not use Chantix, the patch, etc.. So far so good. Four of my family and friends have also quit after many years. It works if you truly want to quit. I love smelling good – I love not coughing every 15-20-30 minutes and its amazing how much younger your skin looks! Just be strong and do it! PS-Thank you Kathy Victory, thank you Jim Gilbert and thank you Melissa.Ann Schiff

My wife Mary and I have been smokers since teenagers and now in our early 50′s. We were spending at least $400.00 a month smoking and those were the off brands. We went to your clinic and to be honest had no faith this would work. Had done the patch before but did not want to use the pills. My wife and I went into treatment on January the 7th of this year. After one treatment, we were done! We became so confident that the procedure was working we decided to buy a boat which we just took delivery of. Now I see a beautiful boat in my drive that used to be a pack of cigs! Thanks guys,Rick and Mary Asbury

Three years ago this November I received the laser treatment to stop smoking. As I went into skeptical of the process, I am most amazed and very pleased it worked. I had smoked for over 20 years (46 now) always promising I would stop when my son was born (who is now 20). Needless to say that never happened until I found Healing Laser Clinics. My wife read your website and immediately made me an appointment that change my life. I cannot thank you enough!!!!As I gained some unwanted weight over the past year, my wife naturally went to your website to review your weight loss program. She immediately made me an appointment and I have successfully completed my 3 treatments. My results are a loss of 4 notches; I have more energy, no cravings and continue to lose weight every week. All I can say again is thank you!!!!Steve Scarafino

I came to you 8 months ago and my husband’s words were “this is not going to work for you”. Well, guess what? Not only did it work, but it has been working for 8 months now! I work in a clinic and I am constantly printing your information for our patients and singing your praises! There are times that it is almost impossible to believe that smoking was such a big part of my life for so long! Thank you!Pat Pelc

When I left your office a year ago, I was asked to write a testimonial on my experience, and I said that I would if I made it a year without smoking. Here we are September 11th, 2010 and I the last time I smoked a cigarette was right before walking into your office.It is crazy to me that I am finally free, not just from nicotine; but more so from the burden of the addiction. I was a closet smoker very embarrassed if I was caught. I wouldn’t smoke in front of anyone; not even my closest friends. When I smoked I would rush to cover up the signs, always carried mouth wash, hand sanitizer and perfume with me. If I was driving I would pull over to have a cigarette to avoid my car smelling of smoke. I hated it, and I hated myself but I couldn’t stop no matter what I tried; I felt hopeless.  I read that a nicotine addiction was one of the hardest to overcome. Fortunately, I found your company. When I tell others about my experience, they always ask how healing laser works; my response: “I don’t know, all I know is that I was able to quit without experiencing any withdraw symptoms”.Today I am free of cigarettes and I just wanted to say thanks; it was worth every penny.Zaida Gonzalez

TO: Mark Marino and everyone at Healing Laser Clinics in Lake Mary, Florida.Thank you for the amazing services and personal attention you’ve given me. You not only helped me become a non-smoker for over the past 2-years, but you also introduced me to the “Infrared Body Wrap.”
I’ve lost weight, reduced cellulite, and improved my skin tone. This treatment not only helped couture my body, but also increases my circulation and energy level!!!I intend to recommend you to my Friends and Business Associates. You’ve all made a significant difference in my life!!! Lee Williams

I visited your quit smoking laser therapy center on July 13th of 2010. My grandmother encouraged me to do so while I was on vacation in Orlando. It has been over a month now and I am thankffully smoke free. I owe it to your laser center as well as your staff. I also have to thank God for helping me through the tough times I have had since returning to New Jersey. The laser therapy helped with the cravings and gave me the strength that I needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You were very helpful as well on an emotional level as an individual as it is not easy to quit!!! You shared your story of quitting with me and it also helped me to realize that I didn’t have to be a smoker my whole life. I am sooo very thankful for the support you gave me. The water bottle (best friend) has been a wonderful outlet to the few cravings that I do get. My son is thankful as well. I can’t thank you enough for helping me to quit smoking! You are a blessing, an angel, and one of my heros! From the bottom of my heart- thank you Melissa and the Orlando quit smoking laser therapy center. I am blessed that I had the opportunity to visit the center and experience life SMOKE FREE!Jennifer Keubler

Well it has been 5 months now and I am still smoke free!!! I was a smoker for over 25 years. I have several times over the years to quit but would always go back to smoking with in a month or two. This time it is a keeper and I know because it has never been so easy!!!! Oh I think about it now and then but the thougt only last a second and then it’s gone. I have had several stressful things happen in the past few months and still didn’t fall back on the cig’s. That is big for me because my smoking has always been my stress buffer. NOT ANY MORE!! Thank You Healing Laser for giving me what it takes to quit. I feel great and I no longer smell like a dirty ash tray. Life is good.Michelle Richardson

Its been over a month now since I have taken the necessary steps to quit smoking. I must admit at first I was a bit skeptical but after trying so many other products to quit I figured why not try the Healing Laser Clinic and give myself an option. Well, it worked!!!! Im so thankful for what Healing Laser Cinics have done for me that I have passed the word to all my friends. My change in life has been fantastic from exercising to simply breathing. It has made such a positive impact, so much of a impact that I now want to learn more and possible put my time in to do it myself with your company. It helped me and I believe it can help more people give up this harsh addiction. I want to be part of a team who gave me my health and life back. I sincerely thank you!Lee Sevilla

Today is April 27th, it has been one month since my visit to the Healing Laser Clinic. After my treatment, I walked out feeling like I had never been a smoker. It is an amazing feeling. I smoked for almost 35 years and was able to just put my cigarettes down and leave smoking behind. It was very easy and the staff at the Clinic were great. Thank you for my freedom!Cheryl R.

I, Phoebe Byers, had smoked for more than 20 years. On many occasions I had tried to quit smoking and I did quit but always started with in a few days. I was shaky and I was irritable and had a difficult time so I would give up and start smoking again. Finally I begin to feel that smoking was affecting my health. I talked to my doctor and she gave me Healing Laser Clinic’s information. After about three calls for information and many soul searching conversations with my spouse (he was a smoker). I set my mind that I would give the laser a try.I would have to say I am sure part of my success was my mind set. Don’t get me wrong, I would love, love, love to have a cigarette. But about as soon as the thought comes into my mind it goes away. I owe part of the success to the technique the laser clinic uses. The last part of the success was attributed to the preparation before the laser treatment. The clinician did an awesome job of setting the scene from how we would clean everything out, how we would drink water and carry water, to the additional support the clinic would offer. I truly felt they wanted me to succeed. You see the clinician that helped us is a former smoker. That also helped me to relate.I am now a former smoker and proud of it!! Good luck to who ever might read this and ask for additional help if needed.Thank you, thank you, thank you!!Phoebe Byers

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