Easy Weight Loss in Orlando and Lake Mary!

Are you ready to lose that stubborn weight and look amazing?

HLC offers weight loss plans tailored to your needs. Weight loss plans should not be a “one size fits all” plan. Every client has different goals ranging from eliminating belly fat and cellulite to losing 20 or more pounds. HLC Wellness is dedicated to helping you to lose weight naturally and safely. Our weight loss program makes losing weight easy while eating throughout the day and NOT BEING HUNGRY.

Weight Loss and body sculpting tailored to each individuals needs

HLC is a proud partner of Zen Body Foods!

The staff at HLC believe that weight loss should be slow, sustainable and healthy.  We ourselves know what happens when you choose a fast weight loss technique, only to gain back even more weight months later.  We don’t believe in using subscription appetite suppressants or injecting shots such as HcG for weight loss.

Zen Body Foods are REAL FOOD delivered to your home or our office.  The foods consist of 4-10 oz portions that are designed to be delicious, incredibly healthy and the perfect way to lose weight.


Zen Body Foods specializes in using superior high quality organic products, only the freshest of ingredients, and ingenuity to develop a wide array of mouthwatering, perfectly portioned and prepackaged meals.

With a rotational menu that changes every week and constantly creating exciting new flavors consider Zen Body Foods your very own personal chef. We guarantee health food has never tasted this good.




Ready for REAL Weight Loss and a way to discover how to keep weight off and be healthy for the rest of your life?

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Want to supplement that weight loss with other healthy options?  We offer the following amazing services to help.

lap band surgery orlando

Virtual Hypnotic Lap Band

As seen on Dr. Oz! This natural therapy gives you the same benefits on a lap band without the need to spend thousands of dollars. Virtual Lap Band hypnosis makes you feel that you have a lap band installed. Great results!

diets do not work

Low Level Laser Weight Loss

Low level laser assists in appetite suppression and helps to boost your metabolism. This therapy is all natural and painless. Assists with nervous eating and assists in relaxation.

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As a weight loss booster, check out the Formostar Infrared Body Wrap. You can lose inches in just 1 single session. Burn 900-1400 calories in a session and target fat as well as cellulite. This therapy tones and firms the skin and provides a workout that is sure to make you sweat! Our laser therapy helps with your appetite while our new Angelic Lift Body Contouring can assist with body contouring and inch loss!Want an extra boost during your plan?