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Lake Mary Weight Loss

Weight Loss in Lake Mary is available through HLC Wellness, but we don’t take the traditional approach which typically uses Hcg or phentermine as an appetite suppressant.  Rather than losing a lot of weight really fast and then gaining more weight back, we choose to help you to lose weight slowly, naturally…and keep it off.

Our weight loss programs consist of using coaching, hypnosis and supplements to assist you in eating right and keeping the weight off. 

Our weight loss program works, and we can prove it!  

Lake Mary Body Contouring

Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss

Virtual Lap is hypnosis that helps you to visualize the process of a lap band and subconsciously thinking that you have a smaller stomach, which results in eating less, much less.

This program is ideal because it allows you to lose weight without sacrificing anything.  No strict calorie counting or dieting is necessary because you still enjoy all of the same foods that you always have, but you’ll be eating less of it.  We have had clients in the Lake Mary office lose over 70 pounds and keep it off.  Everyone is eligible for this program and it works great for both men and women.  How is that for a diet program?

The Virtual Lap Band was featured on Channel 13 news in Orlando as well as Doctor Oz.

weight loss lake mary virtual lap band

60 Day Weight Loss

Weight Loss is never a “one size fits all approach”.  

Our 60 Day Weight Loss programs helps you to eliminate 20-40 pounds in just 60 days without starvation or crazy diets.  This unique service is provided as a weekly service and includes weekly weigh-ins on a scale that measures, weight, fat, water, bone and muscle.  In addition to the weight loss program, we offer a number of natural supplements that can help you to metabolize more fat, have more energy and lose more weight.

Weight Loss Supplementation

In addition to our primary natural weight loss program, we offer a number of supplementation program that provide additional weight loss. 

These programs include nutritional supplements along with infrared body wraps and vitamin injections that can provide an additional boost.  

Once your weight is lost, we also provide amazing body contouring options that can to tighten loose skin, reduce cellulite and destroy fat deposits.  No surgery, no botox or fillers needed.

Infrared Wrap Detox

Burn 900-1400 calories

The infrared Body Wrap can help you to burn 900-1400 calories in a single session

Weight Loss Injections and Supplements

Weight Loss injections and supplements help you to metabolize fat easier and get an additional boost from exercising.

Body Contouring

Reduce Cellulite, tighten and tone with non invasive body contouring.

Free Weight Loss Consultation

Dr Lara can match you with the best weight loss program based on your personal consultation.  Consultations are always free.

We have helped past clients to lose weight naturally and without dangerous medications or starvation diets.  There is no “one size fits all for weight loss, so we help you to find the perfect program for you.