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Lake Mary Wellness and Acupuncture

HLC Wellness offers a large range of alternative wellness programs ranging from the detox of an infrared body wrap to acupuncture programs that cover everything from addiction to anxiety and pain programs.  Dr. Lara Aitken is a licensed acupuncture physician in the State of Florida.

acupuncture lake mary fl


Acupuncture and holistic herbs for a range of symptoms.

acupuncture pain laser lake mary

Cold Laser Acupuncture

Cold laser acupuncture is very effective and completely painless; in fact, it's relaxing.

Cupping Lake Mary orlando


Cupping can help to alleviate congestion and aid in detoxifying the body

supplement vitamin injection lake mary

Injection Therapy

Injection therapy includes weight loss injections as well as Vitamins C, B6 blend, B12 and many others.

Supplements Immuno Lake Mary

Natural Supplements

Natural supplements manufactured right here in Central Florida.


Hypnosis for anxiety, concentration, public speaking and a number of phobias.

laser to stop smoking

Cold Laser for addiction

Cold laser therapy for smoking and other addictions. No needles. Just a relaxing cold laser.

lake mary salt therapy

Salt Room

Salt Room can help you to breathe and detox your body. This room is amazing and incredibly zen.

weight loss lake mary

Weight Loss

Weight loss options ranging from hypnosis to coaching, supplements and injection therapy.