Holiday Weight Loss without sacrifice

christmas-89Weight loss can be very difficult during the holiday season and many of us simply decide to deal with the weight gain and take it all off in January.  We all look forward to the delicious cookies, pies, eggnog and hot chocolate that accompany our holiday festivities but quickly  add pounds to our waistlines.  We all look forward to Thanksgiving and amazing turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes that leave us completely incapacitated for the remainder of the day as we lie on the couch in a carbohydrate coma after finishing off our meal with some homemade pumpkin pie.

So how do we enjoy the holidays without putting on extra weight?

You can certainly diet during the holidays and try as hard as you can to avoid the fat or carbs (depending on which diet is popular this year) and just say no to the amazing cookies, pies and homemade treats that we grew up with and remind us of holidays past.  But diet is such an ugly word… Diet means SACRIFICE and doing without.  How can you possibly enjoy the holidays if you can’t eat the things that brought you so much joy?  As it is well documented at this point, diets simply don’t work.  You lose the weight temporarily only to gain it back again later.  You can visit a weight loss clinic that will put on a very low calorie diet and tell you to eliminate fat or carbs while prescribing dangerous medication that will offer short term results, but this is STILL JUST A DIET that involves sacrifice and short term results.

How about working out?

It’s basic math, right?  If you burn more than you lose then you will absolutely lose weight.  If you build muscle during your workout, then the muscle is going to work around the clock and keep burning fat.  Now we are on to something!  We certainly can’t dispute that working out is a great way to lose weight.  It also helps to eliminate stress, help you to sleep better and offers a myriad of NATURAL health benefits that provide quality of life, energy and most of all, weight loss.  But there’s a catch!  There is always a catch, right?


You need to spend time in the gym and most of us simply don’t have the luxury of spending an hour per day in the gym due to our hectic lifestyles, and if you do….kudos to you!  The time that it takes to drive to the gym and spend an hour building muscle and hitting the treadmill simply isn’t sufficient for most of us to do on a daily basis.  So what is the answer to losing weight without sacrifice and without spending an hour per day at the gym?  How can I possibly enjoy the holiday foods and maintain my weight or lose weight without all of the sacrifice of my time and taste buds?

Virtual Lap Band and Whole Body Vibration Machines

The virtual lap band helps you to subconsciously think that you have a smaller stomach and and helps you to become fuller faster.  You will actually stop eating when you are full and not continue to ingest copious amounts of food because it’s on your plate.  The best thing about this program is that you can eat whatever you want, you are simply going to eat less of it.  The virtual lap band program uses hypnosis to help you to lose weight naturally with no pills, no surgery and NO DIETING.  Our clients are reporting weight loss of 10 to 20 pounds in their first month WITHOUT SACRIFICE.  The program is an 8 week program that requires 2 hours for your first visit and 1 hour per visit after that.


  • The other key ingredient is working out without sacrificing the hour per day at the gym.  How can you receive the same benefits of a one hour workout without actually working out?  The answer….Whole Body Vibration.  The whole body vibration program give you the same benefits as a one hour workout in only 10 minutes!  Whole Body Vibration machines offer a laundry list of benefits including:


  •  Improve circulation and blood oxygenation
  • Decreased diastolic blood pressure
  • Reduces back pain and stiffness
  • Increases muscle strength, flexibility, mobility and coordination
  • Improves cellulite reduction
  • Improves collagen production as well as bone strength and density
  • Boosts levels of testosterone and natural HGH
  • Decreases levels of cortisol (hormone produced under stress and adds weight)
  • Extremely effective body fat combustion


The list of natural benefits from whole body vibration goes on and on but the greatest benefit is that you only need 10 minutes per day to lose weight and create a healthier body.  And please keep in mind that these are the units that cost thousands of dollars at the mall.  Our stand up units are priced under $600 and include a session with our staff as well as a video that will show you an effective 10 minute workout that will provide greater benefits than a one hour workout in the gym.

So, to wrap it up…. If you really want to lose weight without dieting and without spending 7 hours per week in a gym, the virtual lap band plus the whole body vibration is for you.

Just one hour per week and 10 minutes per day for a healthy holiday weight loss and eat whatever you like!

And remember, this is not a diet.  This is a permanent lifestyle change.  This is not a fad or a machine being pushed by a fitness celebrity that’s going to end up in your garage.  Just 10 minutes per day and 1 hour per week for 8 week can change your life and certainly make the holidays a much more pleasurable experience.

Our “Weight Loss Forever” program includes:

  • The virtual Gastric Program: 8 in-office hypnosis sessions with Ken Marino, plus 3 mp3 cds that you can listen to to reinforce the hypnosis at any time.
  • A full size Whole Body Vibration Machine
  • Training session with HLC staff on whole body vibration machine
  • Custom workout CD specifically for the whole body vibration unit designed in house with a fitness trainer at HLC Wellness.

Call HLC Wellness for pricing and inquiries about our new “Weight Loss Forever program”.

Gift certificates are available and holiday discount pricing is currently available!


5 ways to lose weight fast

Lose weight fast

If you want to stave off pounds within a few weeks, you can either go straight to the nearest Lake Mary weight loss center or get a taste of the latest diet fads.Lose weight fast

Now, if you choose the latter, chances are you might just end up frustrated. Just because a diet works for a Hollywood celebrity doesn’t mean you’ll get the same results. Besides, we all know how most of crash diets work. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

But what if your party will take place three weeks from now? Or you’re looking forward to your high school reunion yet too discouraged because of your weight gain?

Truth be told, there’s no magic bullet to help you slim down instantly. But the good news is that there are few safe ways you can try to lose weight fast. And even better news is that if you develop some of these habits in the long term, you can finally say goodbye to all your diet woes.

Here are just some of the surprising—and safest—ways to lose weight fast:


Keep yourself busy

Seriously, how many times have you found yourself munching a pack of Cheetos just because you’re bored? Part of America’s obesity problems must be blamed on laziness and the failure of some people to know the difference between “healthy” and “careless” eating. It’s so easy to slack off and eat anything you want if you’re doing nothing. So instead of daydreaming, spend your time productively through hobbies, sports, and personal projects that matter. Without you knowing it, junk foods will be the last thing that pop on your mind.


Avoid skipping meals

How you eat your breakfast can make or break your productivity for the entire day. If you skip it, its more likely that you’ll crave for more food the rest of the day. The problem is, people who skip breakfast and turn out more hungry tend to pick unhealthy choices. So don’t just prepare healthy foods; learn to enjoy every meals and don’t let your busy schedule get in the way of your healthy eating.


Drink plenty of water

We’ve all heard it before: drink plenty of water and you’ll stay cleansed, healthy, and energized. But is it just another overhyped health myth? Recent research says otherwise.

According to a scientific study featured in Discovery News, obese dieters who drank at least two cups of water before each meal lost an average of 5 pounds more than those who didn’t increase their water intake. This is because drinking plenty of water may suppress appetite and increase the body’s metabolic rate.


Switch to healthier alternatives

Losing weight fast doesn’t mean you should be desperate to burn more fats than necessary. Oftentimes, changing one’s perspective about diet and weight loss can bring the greatest impact. For example, instead of storing gallons of ice cream in your fridge, why not opt to buy healthier snacks like roasted sunflower seeds instead. You can also get rid of oily foods from fast-food restaurants and start spending more time eating home-cooked meals. By doing so, you won’t just lose weight faster but save more money as well.


Try hypnosis

For some people, losing weight fast also means taking major risks and going under the knife. Weight loss surgeries are rife nowadays and consumers are led to believe that these painful procedures are the only way out. But there are better ways to lose as much as 1-5 pounds per week without the risk of medical complications. Hypnosis for weight loss, also known as Virtual Lap Band, is one of them. This is a non-surgical approach of suppressing one’s appetite so you can get all the benefits of traditional surgery, minus all the risks and complications.


If you want to know more about Virtual Lap Band and other safe, non-surgical ways to lose weight, contact our Lake Mary weight loss center today. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you in making better, healthier choices.

Why Don’t Diets Work For Permanent Weight Loss?

weight loss scale for dieting

Lake Mary Weight Loss dietWhy am I dieting but not losing weight and why does the weight come back?

I cant remember how many times I’ve heard someone say “Oh…I’ve lost 20 or 30 pounds with the “Insert latest diet fad here” but the weight keeps coming back”.  There are numerous reasons for this but the #1 reason is that as soon as you are off of your diet, you go back to your old eating habits and guess what happens?

Most diets deal with eating certain foods and abstaining from other others or taking pills, injections, etc… The person on the diet feels like they are being punished and since they are all on a diet, all they think about all day is food.  “What can I eat?  What can’t I eat? Why am I craving what I can’t eat?”

Imagine a program where you are rewarding yourself with all of the foods that you love but you are still losing weight.  How is this possible?

Introducing “The Virtual Gastric Band”.

To explain the concept of this program, imagine owning a house with a basement that fills with water every few months.  You have the water pumped out but a few months later the water returns again, so you need to to pump it out yet again.  This cycle continues year after year…  This is how diets work.  You lose weight on the diet but the moment that you stop dieting…the water returns….the weight returns….

The Virtual Gastric Band program was designed to find out why the “water is flooding the basement” and stop it from coming back in.  Not only do we deal with the amounts of food that you eat but why we eat.  Let me explain…

Everything that we have heard, seen and experienced in our lifetimes, good and bad, has had an effect on our thinking.  “Eat everything on your plate”, “There are Children Starving in China so you should feel guilty about unless you clear the plate”.  We have been taught from infancy that food is the cure all for our problems.  When a mother hears her baby crying, she checks the diaper and then feeds the baby, even if it isn’t hungry.  So from childhood we are taught that food is the answer to all emotions.

Our program is two fold. First we reward our clients with eating the amount of food necessary to be full but to stop eating when they are aware of being full.  We uses hypnosis and suggestions to consciously and subconsciously make them aware of when they are full, and they stop eating when they are.  The Virtual Gastric Band program conditions them to be aware of when they are full by placing suggestions in the subconscious that a gastric band has been  inserted around the top part of the stomach so they full fuller faster.  But our program goes beyond the band technique because we realize that food is consumed for many reasons other than hunger such as:

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • loneliness
  • boredom


Our program deals with with their emotions and directly and gives them the tools to deal with these situations without food.  The goal of this program is simple, yet very effective.

“Food consumption is fuel and only used for fuel”

You can enjoy all of the foods that you love but will only eat portions necessary to fuel your body.  Also, food is not the answer for your emotions and we will make you aware of all of the emotions and how to deal with them in the proper manner.

The first session is the introductory session explaining what we do and asking as well as answering all questions about our program.  There are 6 sessions and each is designed to address the specific needs and issues that are pertinent to each client.  In other words, it is NOT a cookie cutter program.  It is tailored to each and every client’s needs and circumstances.  We welcome as much feedback as possible from our clients so that we can address all of their personal needs in order to allow for faster results.

Did I mention that you can eat whatever food that you want?  There is no dieting involved in this program.

Ready to lose that weight and keep it off?  If you have any questions about our Virtual Gastric Weight Loss program, please call the clinic and ask for Ken Marino.


Weight Loss Hypnosis Orlando

virtual lap band orlando

Due to the rising cases of obesity, researchers are looking for the best weight loss solutions possible.  One of the most interesting methods for weight loss in Orlando is hypnosis.  Hypnosis for weight loss targets a quick solution to the problem, but hypnosis is often misused by some crooked entities hoping taking advantage of people looking for an easy answer for weight loss.

There are all types of information available by searching the internet on weight loss hypnosis in Orlando.  You can find information on video tapes, audio tapes, books and in seminars.  Most of them claim that they can change a person’s state of mind in an instant, and they can produce weight loss results in a very short amount of time.  People must be very cautious and mindful of these types of claims.  Most of them are fraudulent and not true.

Even with all the bad media around hypnosis for weight loss, it has been discovered through various studies that when hypnosis is performed along with behavioral management programs, it can definitely have a good effect on the ability to lose weight.  The behavioral programs that are normally used along with hypnosis are designed to alter the eating habits of a person.  It was also noted that people who used the weight loss hypnosis and behavioral management at the same time happened to lose more weight than the ones who got involved with group therapy. This method for weight loss has been the most effective for people who want to lose smaller amounts of weight.  It also showed that it is an effective way to control and maintain one’s weight.

The way in which weight loss hypnosis works is by making the person much more aware of the suggestions that they are given that help with weight loss. It is done through the process of hypnosis, which leads the person into a state of relaxation and opens them up to suggestibility.  Hypnosis is effective in helping people create a healthy pattern for eating food in the long-term as well as helping people learn positive eating habits.  Doing this through the process of hypnosis is a great supplement that goes hand-in-hand with a weight management program.

Using hypnosis for weight loss requires an extended amount of time and effort by the candidate.  People who try to tell you hypnosis is done without time or effort are just trying to sell you something that just won’t work. Weight loss hypnosis in Orlando is available for those seeking answers for obesity.