Orlando liposuction vs Lipo Light treatments

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Lipo Light vs Liposuction treatments in Orlandoliposuction weight loss

Lipo Light therapy is an extremely safe alternative to liposuction.  Rather than removing fat cells, lipo light uses a process that shrinks fat cells for body contouring and fat elimination.  The lipo light led therapy shows results after the very first treatment with no pain, no scarring and no down time.  Liposuction seemed promising when it was initially introduced but after many botched surgeries that resulted in disfigurement, scarring and death, many people chose to find alternative methods of fat loss.

Health Disadvantages of surgical liposuction

Some side effects of liposuction can be fatal. The list includes:

  • bacterial infection
  • skin damage
  • skin necrosis
  • nerve or skin burns
  • contour issues
  • Disturbing the fluid balance of the body
  • Lidocaine toxicity poisoning
  • Scarring

Lipo-Light is a safe, effective low level light program created for the reduction of fat. There is absolutely no pain, no downtime, no scars and zero health risks.  The treatment is very comfortable and only takes 20 minutes.  You will require multiple treatments for optimum results and the program will require some effort from the client (such as minimal exercise, drinking water and avoiding eating 2 hours before or after treatment) you can expect great results and not worry about taking time off of work or scarring as a result of surgery.