Why Dieting is Ineffective in Losing Weight

diets do not work

You can lose weight without constantly dietingdiets do not work

It may be true that no matter how perfectly you perform your weight management methods, you can never entirely stop your self from making slip-ups, especially when it comes to dieting during the holidays. So why is this process unsuccessful when it comes to reducing your weight?

Dieting Slows Metabolism

When you consume only a few calories, your body’s metabolism slows down since it has to burn a small amount of calories for it to continue to function. The absence of exercise in dieting results to the loss of lean muscle, fat and water weight. As a result, your body’s metabolism is slowed even more leading you to eat fewer calories to further reduce your weight.

When you stop exercising and entirely halt your dieting, your previous weight may more likely return on a faster rate as there is no more physical activity to slow down your metabolism. The worst thing is the weight you put on may be comprised of fat instead of muscle, resulting to an unhealthy-looking and less lean body. Hence, exercise should go hand in hand when you are dieting.


Perhaps you only want to be on a diet just so you can reach your goal. It may even be true that the foods you eat are not the same foods you want to consume forever. When you come to realize that you dislike the foods you consume and do not find them completely satisfying, you may sway away from your main objective.

Control Problems

Dieting may provide you with a sense of control as you take the reigns of your eating habits. Although you may become successful for a period of time, yearning for forbidden foods may allow you to cheat even with small amounts. However, there may come a time that you cannot entirely control your cravings and go into complete revolt as you go back to your previous eating patterns.

Yo-yo Diet Cycle

A yo-yo diet cycle refers to a repetitive regain and loss of weight because of too much hypocaloric dieting. This becomes stressful for the body as it constantly compensates with the differences in weight.


Dieting is not literally a depressant but it may cause depression. You may dwell on the idea that you have to give up tasty recipes just so you can lose weight, which you may think as not possible at all. Since food is in a way a part of how you meet up with your family and friends, you may later feel deprived of it and eventually stop socializing. In the end, you decide that it is better to be happy with others while you eat rather than become alienated by other people and withdraw from the foods that you like.

Generally, ensure that you only make small eating changes that you can later on increase. Also, try to incorporate regular exercise at least one hour a day. These may help even if you only lose a little weight for the year. At least you do not totally deprive yourself while you continue on losing weight.

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